SF Giants Rumors: Giants Were In Negotiations For Cuban Slugger, Brian McCann Linked To Giants

Sabean_BrianWord on the street is the San Francisco Giants were in the contract negotiations with Cuban Slugger Jose Abreu. They decided to withdraw themselves once the price was really starting to rise. The reason being, if they signed Abreu, they’d still have to move their best first baseman to left field. If Abreu was a left fielder I’m sure we would be talking about the big contract Abreu just signed with the Giants!
Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com says the Giants might consider kicking the tires on catcher Brian McCann. If McCann can also play some first base this might be an interesting move for the Giants. You would have a big left-handed bat in your lineup either at catcher of first base. McCann and Buster Posey can alternate and it would keep both of them really fresh. The only downside again would be sending our best first baseman Brandon Belt to left field.
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~Steven Robles
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  • Bill Taylor says:

    I personally think that the Giants would do well to (read: MUST) spell Posey OFTEN, by either moving him to first base or giving him a day off every fifth day or so. I like Brandon Belt at first; I just don’t see any alternative for the G’s to keep Posey fresh.

  • Anthony says:

    When I first saw they were looking at McCann I’m like, “Why we’ve got Posey!” But thinking about Bill’s comment above I could see what a dilemma it would be to opposing pitchers to see a fresh McCann and Posey alternating them at first and sometimes spelling one or the other.
    Belt looks like he’s about to be a basher. Moving him to left may take away from his legs as he’s not used to it.
    Still his glove at first is top rate but if the Giants can get creative and save a bit on money than bet the farm on one player they could be fearsome next year.

  • Jim R says:

    Yea, Belts got great speed, strength, great fielding. But his first half’s are famously miserable. Sign McCann. He’ll catch the first half while Posey plays first the first half. Belt can be an alternate LF, 1B, PH. When July comes along, play Belt at 1B exclusively for the rest of the season. Buster plays catcher most of the time, 1B now & then. McCann will now be the alternate C,PH,1B. McCann can HIT. It will give Boch options…

  • Paul Moore says:

    It easy. Buster to 3rd, Pablo, who is a yo yo is either up or down but who knows, could bring in some good trade bait, McAnn catching.

  • hcuebas says:

    Interesting idea that of Paul Moore.

  • aerok says:

    PLEASE get Posey to first or third. Get his golden bat into the lineup 155 times a year instead of 140.

  • mike says:

    We all know Buster can play just about any position, why not left field, this way we keep Belt at first and get MaCann behind the plate.
    Bat Buster 2nd MaCann 3rd Pence 4th and then Belt and Pablo. Also why can’t these guys play 162 games THEY GET PAID 10-20 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR !!!!! us in the real world make 50 thou a year and work the whole year. they’re treated like a a bunch of babies, and that needs to stop, we need more Cal Ripkins in baseball.

  • Bill Taylor says:

    I like Paul Moore’s comment. Pablo is tough to decide on — he’s got so much natural talent. One wonders whether he’ll ever get smart enough to really use it to his (and our) best advantage.