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WBC-2013Today the World Baseball Classic rosters were announced, and there’s a few San Francisco Giants players sprinkled around the WBC tournament.
Team USA
announced that they will have two Giants pitchers, and that’s Ryan Vogelsong and reliever Jeremy Affeldt.

Team Venezuela will have position players Pablo Sandoval, Marco Scutaro and reliever Jose Mijares from the Giants.

Team Puerto Rico has outfielder Angel Pagan and reliever Javier Lopez from the Giants.

Team Mexico will have the Giants closer Sergio Romo in their bullpen.

Team Dominican Republic announced that they will have reliever Santiago Casilla in their bullpen.

That’s a total of six pitchers and three position players from the 2012 World Series Champions. The Giants are going to be represented well in the WBC!

I have so many mixed feelings about the WBC. I love watching all the players representing their countries, and playing with so much pride as they have their countries name on the front of their jersey.

However, I just don’t think the risk is worth the reward. Especially for pitchers! For example, Vogelsong is getting $5 million this year and if he gets hurt in the WBC (or season). The Giants could easily buyout his $6.5 million 2014 club option for $300k.

Another example is Lopez, who’s playing for Team Puerto Rico. He’s a free agent after this year, and will be a hot ticket on the free agent market, but he’s willing to risk injury to get a few more games in for the WBC.
I know pitchers can get hurt during the year, but why put the extra wear-and-tear on your arm? I’m just saying if I was a pitcher, I would save the arm when I could!

I must admit, I’m a little worried about all the Giants pitchers that are going to be pitching in the WBC. They just pitched an extended season by marching through the playoffs, and winning the World Series. This would have been the perfect offseason to skip the WBC if you’re a Giants pitcher. Thank you Matt Cain!

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~King of Cali (Steven Robles)

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  • Could not agree with you more. And I include Sandoval. It’s a long season. Why make it longer?

  • McCovey Cove DAVE says:

    If you look at players that play in the WBC vs. those who just go through regular Spring training, those that go through the WBC have healthier years. They spend fewer days on the DL. That is the records for 2006 and 2009. I love international play and I would love to see the WBC grow in importance. Right now, our World Series is a North American Championship. WBC over time could become the real WORLD SERIES. I think the WBC will be fun, even if TEAM USA is not our strongest. I plan to follow it closer than Spring training, but I will watch both.