SF Giants Rumors: Home Cooking Should Help, Standings, Team Leaders

Credit: Steven Robles – SF Giants Rumors

Credit: Steven Robles – SF Giants Rumors

The road trip started off promising as the San Francisco Giants were able to take three out of four games in Chicago. However, the Giants ran into a brick wall when they faced the Brewers. The G-men were swept right out of Milwaukee, and couldn’t be any happier to be back home. I’m sure some home cooking will be the cure tonight as the Giants face the Padres to start the home stand.

With the starting pitching problems, I’m sure you forgot who the Giants Ace is? It’s Matt Cain, who’s been struggling bad early on in this season. The Giants are currently 0-4 in Cain starts.

Brandon Crawford is the hottest hitter in the Giants lineup right now. He already has 3 homers on the year, and only had 4 for the 2012 season. Crawford is also in the midst of an 11-game hitting streak.

NL West Standings

Rockies: 11-4

Diamondbacks: 9-6

Giants: 9-7

Dodgers: 7-8

Padres: 5-10

Team Leaders

AVG: Crawford (.352)

HR: Pence (4)

RBI: Sandoval (14)

SB: Pence (3)

 W: Bumgarner (3)

ERA: Bumgarner (1.77)

Saves: Romo (7)

   K: Cain (20)

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~Steven Robles


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  • Richard Cole says:

    Hey I just want the Sons Of Bochy thing. I am a huge Sons Of Anarchy fan I mean HUGE. Give me a trivia question about the show I probably guarantee I get it right. Please. I am not sure what I am suppose to be replying to because I just saw the Sons Of Bochy and wrote this. Let me read first. Okay I think the Giants will be fine. They have proven that they are the come back kids. The just had some bad luck starts with Cain and the starting staff. There is 146 games left I am not panicking.