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Steven Robles interviewing Brian Wilson at Media Day (Feb 2012).

Steven Robles interviewing Brian Wilson at Media Day (Feb 2012).

I was invited to the San Francisco Giants Media Day prior to the 2012 season. I took full advantage of it and interviewed Brian Wilson. I was excited to see what he had to say, cause you never know what kind of answers you’re going to get from him. He sure didn’t disappoint either! Below is the interview, I’m also working on trying to get the audio of the interview posted as well. I hope you like it!
Getting To Know Brian Wilson

Steven: What kind of music is on your iPod?

Brian Wilson: Dubstep, it’s taking over the world. It’s very apparent, so yeah it’s filled with Dubstep, real grimy music.

Steven: What’s your favorite baseball movie?

Brian Wilson: I’d say “For The Love of the Game” did a pretty good job, but overall “Major League”. It’s just a classic film.

Steven: What is something you love to do other than playing baseball?

Brian Wilson: I like paddle boarding, it’s kind of fun. It’s real tranquil. It’s good for balance. I enjoy doing Yoga, but not in a sense of saying, hey guys look at me I do Yoga. I actually enjoy the way my body feels after a workout. It feels very strong, powerful, and yet my mind feels really calm. It’s something that I think people should probably consider once or twice.

Steven: If you weren’t playing baseball, what profession do you think you’d be in?

Brian Wilson: I’ve never really given that much thought. I really didn’t have other options. I basically have just been playing baseball. I would probably be trying to find a way into baseball if I wasn’t playing baseball. I know that’s not a fun answer, but I can’t think of anything awesome.

Steven: On an off day, where are fans likely to spot you?

Brian Wilson: Running the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Walking into Starbucks. Now that I’ve given that away, I’m gonna have to find a new spot, thanks!

Steven: Is there any teams that you follow in other sports?

Brian Wilson: Yes, I follow the Boston Celtics, the Bruins and the Patriots.

Now On To The Baseball Questions

Steven: What’s your typical offseason day been like?

Brian Wilson: Wake up at 8:30, loosen up the body, eat breakfast at 9am, go to Starbucks afterwards. Get an ice coffee, go workout, throw, eat lunch, and repeat.

Steven: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

Brian Wilson: No, I think if I had a superstition, it would be not having a superstition, and making sure that I don’t follow a specific routine and get dependent on that. Baseball’s just a crazy game, and so many things happen. You have to stretch at a certain time, but I wouldn’t say that’s part of a routine. It’s just, I have to stretch at this time, I have to get loose at this time. I don’t put my uniform on a certain way. I think each game is different, so I’m different each game.

Steven: Other than playing at AT&T Park, what’s your favorite stadium to play in and why?

Brian Wilson: I like playing in San Diego cause the park is huge. I like Philly because they hate you. I like Dodgers stadium for the same reason. It’s just kind of fun getting booed. It’s a different energy, and it’s like they understand who you are. A tad respect maybe, or maybe just pure hatred. I don’t know, it’s still a really good energy to come out to. Wrigley field, their fans are great. They’ll heckle you, but still pretty nice. I haven’t played in Fenway, but I’ve been there. I’d like to play there. I played in the old Yankee stadium, and that was cool. That’s about all I can think of right now. Texas was fun, cause we won a World Series, so I like that field. We did pretty well.

Steven: What personal goals have you set for yourself this year?

Brian Wilson: Well, I set my goals pretty high. Win the Cy Young, win MVP, but more of my goals are team related goals. If you find yourself worrying about your own objectives, you’re going to get lost. If you can have a common goal with another teammate that revolves around your team. You yourself will end up probably playing pretty well. Team goals, starting off winning the division, obviously end up winning the World Series. I think every team should be thinking about that, cause it’s not out of the question. If you’re not thinking about those kind of things. Then maybe you’re just going through the motions or you’re afraid of succeeding, but I know the Giants as a whole, that’s something we think about in Spring Training is getting back.

Steven: Where were you, and how did you react to the news that you were getting the call to come to the show for the first time?

Brian Wilson: Let’s see, my first debut was April 23rd, 2006. I think that was the day. I was in Triple-A, and we had just flown into Tacoma. The manager called me in the office, and I pretty much thought he was going to scold me for the night before because I didn’t save the game, I blew it. I was just prepared for him to tell me how bad I did. That’s how the meeting starting off. Started off with, you know you can’t pitch like that, especially where you’re going. There was like sort of a pause, I had my head down, kind of pissed at myself. Then it kind of sank in, where I’m going? What does that mean?  He said, congratulations you were just called up, and I looked at him like no I didn’t, I did? Then from there on it was this weightless feeling. I was just floating and dreaming. It was pretty awesome, and then I went on the DL that night after my first outing. So, pretty memorable.

Steven: I always hear you say “Got Heeeem”, and I hear that on MLB Network. I believe Kevin Millar, so I’m not sure who started saying it first. Did you get it from them, or did they get it from you?

Brian Wilson: I think that’s just one of those things where it’s a baseball term now. It doesn’t matter who started it. It’s just something fun to do, and I think they do a great job with saying “Got Heeeem”. It’s got a thousand different meanings, and each meaning is unique in itself.

Steven: Can we hear you say just one right now?

Brian Wilson: I don’t even say “Got” anymore, it’s just a subtle “Heeeem”.

Steven: Is there anything you would like to say to all the Giants fans out there?

Brian Wilson: Yeah, I would like to let each and everyone of them know that I greatly appreciate their support. I know it’s frustrating at times when we don’t succeed. I genuinely understand that they’re true fans of the game. They’re very intelligent, and I’m just really thankful for them allowing me to play a sport that I love in front of them. They need to know that they’re much appreciated, and much needed.

Steven: Alright Brian, I appreciate you doing this Q&A with me.

Brian Wilson: Thank you!

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • David says:

    Great interview. Looks like he’ll play somewhere next season.

  • fast freddie says:

    Scott Hairston would look great wearing a Giants uniform…and I was so scared of Cody “The Belly Acher” back in the Orange and Black

  • oira says:

    May I ask, why are you just posting this now? This is a 10-month old interview, the Giants won a World Series without Wilson and he’s a free agent. I’m sorry, but it’s not really relevant anymore.

  • Oira,

    I know it’s posted extremely late, but it’s still relevant to any Brian Wilson fans out there. It’s not anything that’s based off of current events. It’s really to get to know him and get a different kind of interview than the average interviews out there. I have a few more of others like this that I’m still going to post. After that I will try to get interviews posted shortly after, in a reasonable time frame. I am very sorry for any trouble that this may have caused you.

    ~King of Cali (Steven)

  • Great interview Steven! Would love to see the Cubs do a sign and trade by grabbing Wilson and trading Marmol. Not too much time left for that to happen!