SF Giants Rumors: Jeremy Affeldt and Ramon Ramirez On The Trade Block

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports says the San Francisco Giants are trying to trade Jeremy Affeldt and/or Ramon Ramirez.
The Giants recently picked up Affeldt’s option for $5 million. Ramirez is in his final year of being arbitration eligible and will be getting a raise from his 2011 salary ($1.6 million). Ramirez will get around $2.5 to $3 million in 2012.
The Winter Meetings start Monday December 5th, so I’m sure that’s when Brian Sabean will start to dangle these relievers to see what possible moves are out there.

What’s your thoughts on Affeldt and Ramirez on the trade market?

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Steverino says:

    Interesting in that I don’t see anyone in the farm system ready to step into these shoes, especially Affeldt’s. The G’s will have to replace Ramirez with *someone* good.

  • BigRon says:

    It only makes sense for the team to dangle some of their strength to bolster their weakness. However, they may not get much unless they combine players. We are not going to see our pitching staff come back intact. The trade of Jonathan Sanchez is proof of the team trying to make strides in the right direction. The only untouchables, if there are any, from the relief corp would be Romo and Wilson and I think Romo could be traded.

  • Anthony says:

    I think if you’re going to trade Affeldt you better get someone who is real good otherwise you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.
    @ Big Ron: I feel trading Romo would be a big mistake in that he could be a closer with us if Wilson went down. Good closers are very hard to come by

  • Mike says:

    I would be against trading either Affeldt or Ramirez. You need a strong bullpen to win a championship, and we cannot afford to let these 2 guys get away. Our best option is to re-sign Beltran and bring in a 2nd tier SS via free agency. Also, give Pill and Belt a real shot to compete with Huff at 1B.

  • JonathanNguyen says:

    Trade both Jeremy Affeldt and Ramon Ramirez