SF Giants Rumors: Jerry Hairston Jr Linked To Giants

Happy Thanksgiving Giants fans! Here is another rumor that has a player linked to the San Francisco Giants. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports says the Dodgers, Brewers and Giants are showing interest in Jerry Hairston Jr. for a super-utility role. Hairston plays second, third, short, and all of the outfield positions.
It’s clear that the Giants are showing interest as a backup plan to Brandon Crawford. The good thing is Hairston can pretty much play anywhere he’s needed. I know he’s not a flashy free agent signing, but if players go down to injury he could be a nice replacement to fill in.
I would still rather see the Giants stay with Crawford at shortstop unless they land a big-time shortstop like Jose Reyes or Jimmy Rollins.

What’s your thoughts on the Giants interests in Hairston?

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Anthony says:

    I could be mean and say “Oh another turkey on thanksgiving,” 😉 but really he’s not a bad player.
    If someone goes down or needs a rest he is competent defensively.

  • Lunchbox says:

    My hesitation is overpaying a player who, although showed strong numbers last season, is in the twilight of his career. I hope management doesn’t put too much value in him (like they did with Rowand and Zeets) and offer him more money than he’s worth.

  • jr says:

    Jerry swings a better bat than people give him credit for. Hasn’t he beat us before?!

  • realisticgiantsfan says:

    JR: It’s Scott Hairston that owns them. I dig it. He can spell Brandon, Freddy and Pablo. Everyone wants the big bat, but I’m telling you. Forget Beltran, with Posey and Sanchez back, Cabrera, a protected, more determined Huff and a full year from Nate. Let’s sign those pitchers.