SF Giants Rumors: Jim Callis of Baseball America Shares His Insights on Giants Draft Picks

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  • 12 June, 2012
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With the 2012 MLB Draft just passing. I have been receiving a lot of emails from fans that want to know a little more about the San Francisco Giants draft picks.


Here is the Giants first 6 picks in the draft.


Round 1: Pitcher – Chris Stratton

Round 2: Pitcher – Martin Agosta

Round 3: Outfielder – JohnathanMacWilliamson

Round 4: Pitcher – Steven Okert

Round 5: Pitcher – Ty Blach

Round 6: Pitcher – Stephen Johnson


Executive Editor of Baseball America Jim Callis shares his insights with SF Giants Rumors on a couple of the Giants draft picks.

“I’m surprised Stratton got to them at No. 20, and with guys struggling in their farm system, he could wind up ranking as their No. 1 prospect at the end of the summer. He has the potential for three plus pitches with good command, and I could see him moving quickly through the system,” Callis said.

“Agosta can run his fastball up to 96 mph at times but usually works at 90-92. He’s not a real big guy, so he may wind up in the bullpen, where his fastball would play up and he could also attack hitters with his cutter. Good arm, and the Giants obviously know how to develop good arms.”

“The Giants took pitchers with seven of their top eight picks, so the arms obviously stand out. I like both lefties they got in the fourth and fifth rounds, Steven Okert and Ty Blach. The righty in the sixth round, Stephen Johnson, can hit 101 mph and pitches at 98. San Francisco could use more offense, but I can’t argue with the arms they got,” says Callis.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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