SF Giants Rumors – Kruk & Kuip Extensions


Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle says Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper are close to signing a 6 year extension with the Giants. Not many fans knew that Kruk & Kuip were also free agents after the 2010 season. At the end of the 6 year deal, Kuiper will be 66 and Krukow will be 64. Jon Miller and Dave Flemming’s contracts did not expire after last season.
Schulman says Jon Miller and the Giants haven’t talked about amending his contract for the extra games he would do on the radio now that he’s no longer part of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. Schulman presumes they’ll talk before Opening Day.
~King of Cali


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  • Anthony says:

    I love those two as a team. I think they are the best the Giants have ever had (as a duo)!
    Lon Simmons was great of course

  • Lunch Box says:

    I can’t remember when I first heard these guys (early 90s?), but it would definitely be weird to hear another team broadcasting Giants games.

    I could, however, do without the way Kuip yells “Outta hear” when a Giant hits a homer.