SF Giants Rumors – Lewis Is On His Way Out!

Fred LewisAndrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News says Fred Lewis future remains in limbo. The Giants have indicated to Lewis that he will be activated or traded by the weekend, Baggarly says.
The Giants have no need for Lewis. They already have six outfielders on the roster. Lewis does retain some trade value because of his athleticism and on-base skills and the Giants do not want to just give him away. The Padres and A’s have been interested but the Blue Jays might be the most likely destination.
Side Notes
Buster Posey played first base for Fresno on Sunday. “You’ll see him at first base one a week to keep his legs fresh, “Evans (Giants vice president Bobby Evans) said.
May 1st is still the target date for Freddy Sanchez to return to the Giants. “he hasn’t had any setbacks,” said Bochy.
King of Cali thoughts: It was pretty obvious that the Lewis experiment was over. I couldn’t see the Giants bringing him back. They have some guys that are already fighting for playing time in the outfield. Stone-hands Lewis got his shot and wasn’t able to make the best of it. It would be nice to see if we can part with him via trade, so we can get something for him.
Lewis still does have potential. He’s a very fast guy and has a nice swing (when he swings). I don’t know if it was just me or it was reality, but Lewis seemed to strike out like every other at bat last year. I really think he needs a fresh start with another organization. Just needs to work on his defense, and figure out a two strike swing to get the ball in play and use his legs to get him a few extra hits.
~King of Cali
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  • Tim says:

    Your analysis of Fred Lewis is pathetic.

  • admin says:


    Sorry man… Hope I didn’t offend you. That’s just my personal analysis on him. Please share with us your thoughts on him. That’s the great thing about comments. We can hear everyones thoughts on the different posts. I look forward to hearing back from you.