SF Giants Rumors: Lincecum May Never Live Up To Another Teams Expectations, Cuban Slugger Signs Elsewhere

Credit: Steven Robles - SF Giants Rumors

Credit: Steven Robles – SF Giants Rumors

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBayArea.com reports that sources have told him that Tim Lincecum will test the free agent market to see what kind of offers are out there for him. The San Francisco Giants have offered him a two-year deal, but Lincecum is in no hurry to sign till he has a chance to filter all of his offers. Baggarly also points out that the Seattle Mariners had a scout following Lincecum and the Giants over the last homestand. The speculation is Lincecum might be very interested in playing for his hometown Mariners.

I believe Lincecum’s best bet is to stay with the Giants. The fans adore him and he can do no wrong in San Francisco. He’s already won two Cy Young Awards and helped the Giants win two World Series Championships in a three year span.
If Lincecum decides to sign elsewhere, his new fans will be excited to buy his jersey and cheer for him. However, what happens when they don’t get the lights-out Lincecum? Will their fans still be able to cheer for him unconditionally when he’s not pitching like a superstar? I’m sure their expectations will be high for Lincecum, and their leash will be short. So my question to Lincecum is why would you take a chance and risk high expectations for a new fan base and possibly not living up to their expectations, when you could re-sign with the Giants and continue to be loved by the city that adores you?
********************BREAKING NEWS****************
So as I was starting to post this… I learned that Lincecum has agreed to a two year deal with he Giants. It’s worth $35 million and has a full no-trade clause. Welcome back home Timmy!!
Cuban Slugger
I’m sorry to bring the bad news that the Giants will not be signing Cuban slugger Jose Abreu. He signed a big contract with the Chicago White Sox. I’m sure this means the Giants will be on the lookout for a bat at first base that can drive the ball, and will likely still move Brandon Belt to left field.
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~Steven Robles
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  • Anthony says:

    THANK GOD WE GOT TIMMY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gpbutches says:

    SABEAN?????? Could of had Ellsbury- or both the Cubans–WTF

  • Paul Moore says:

    Why look for a slugging 1st basemen meaning sending a potential golden gove at 1st to left field. Shorten the process, sign a sluggen left fielder.

  • hcuebas says:

    I agree with Moore. Get a good left fielder that can be set in the middle of the line-up. Get an additional pitcher and we are set to go.