SF Giants Rumors: Matt Garza, Scott Feldman, Cliff Lee And Bud Norris Linked To Giants

Cliff-LeeJon Paul Morosi of FoxSports.com says San Francisco Giants GM Brian Sabean will have a difficult trade deadline and offseason ahead of him. Morosi points out that the Giants farm system has a few high-end prospects to trade, so Sabean can’t part with them for two-month rentals unless he’s confident he can re-sign those acquisitions this winter.

Right-handers Matt Garza and Scott Feldman of the Cubs could be options, but both are going to hit the free agent market this winter. Morosi also says it would be wise of Sabean to trade for a pitcher who’s under club control beyond the end of this season. Morosi believes Phillies starter Cliff Lee and Astros Bud Norris could be possible targets for the Giants. Lee would cost some big prospects and would also add big money to the payroll. Norris would be the more realistic option for the G-men.

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~Steven Robles


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  • Anthony says:

    Cliff Lee! Oh yeah! Make Timmy the closer!

  • The Angry Irishman says:

    I would rather see the Giants go after Stanton of Miami and get another outfielder with power rather then an older pitcher in lee and continue to produce and promote top quality pitchers from within that we have been doing now for years