SF Giants Rumors: Melky Cabrera, It Wasn’t Muscle Melk

MuscleMelkThe San Francisco Giants finished a 7-3 homestand, and then were off to see Melky Cabrera and the Jays in Toronto. Manager Bruce Bochy presented Cabrera with his World Series ring in a private setting. Bochy said Melky wanted it that way, and Melky says Bochy wanted it that way. I think it’s safe to say that Melky didn’t want the presentation to be public with the way he left the team last year.


Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle say (via Twitter) Melky didn’t address his Giants teammates when he was suspended because “somebody” said it would be a bad idea. However, Melky refused to say who the “somebody” was.


Melky isn’t putting up the kind of numbers he was last year for the Giants thus far. However, he did light the Giants up for four hits in last night’s game. To make matters worse, the Giants also lost the game 10-6.


Tonight’s Lineup


CF Pagan

2B Scutaro

3B Sandoval

DH Posey

RF Pence

1B Belt

LF Blanco

C Quiroz

SS Crawford

P Vogelsong


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~Steven Robles



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  • Paul Moore says:

    They bring up Pill and let him sit. Do you really think he will produce if he cannot get in some ABs. What a waste.

    Second, how many times have the giants had runners on 3rd with 1 or less outs and no scoring. Gads, has he not hear of a sweeze. He is always looking for a hit which has not beeen there more times than not. The NL knows he will not sweeze, so they play back…not opening up that hole.

  • I would not be surprised if Melky hits .300 this year. He played well against the Giants and left batting .281.

    I actually think PED’s made baseball more fun. I would love to see more HR’s in particular. Bring on shorter fences, lower pitching mounds, aluminum bats and balls that fly further. More offense and especially more HR’s make the game more exciting!