SF Giants Rumors: NL West Leader, MVP Posey, Vogelsong Downward Spiral, Etc.

The San Francisco Giants took 2-out-of-3 from the Dodgers over the weekend to extend their lead in the NL West to 5.5 games. They then flew to Colorado and dropped game 1 of the series to the Rockies. The lead in the NL West is now down to 5 games.
Catcher Buster Posey is coming off back-to-back games where he is showing he’s MVP worthy in the National League. Sunday Posey was 2-for-4, with a solo homer. Monday he was 3-for-5 with another homer (21st, team leader). Posey has made a strong case for himself as the possible NL MVP since the All Star break. He’s currently hitting .330 with 21 homers, 89 RBI and 67 runs scored.

Prior to last nights game, Ryan Vogelsong had a career 5-0 record against the Rockies with a 1.80 ERA. However, last night he took the loss and gave up 4 earned runs in 5 innings pitched. He’s not the same pitcher he was in the 1st half of the season right now. Vogelsong has a 9.57 ERA in his last 6 starts. His overall record is 12-8 with a 3.40 ERA on the season. Let’s hope he can turn this around before the playoffs, or he can end up pushing himself out of a starting role in the playoffs.

Sunday night’s winning pitcher Barry Zito (11-8) managed to match his season-high wins in a Giants uniform by getting his 11th win. Who would have thought Zito would have more wins than Tim Lincecum (8-14)?

Pitcher Clay Hensley is eligible to come off the DL today. Outfielder Xavier Nady who’s been nursing a hamstring injury will likely get back in the starting lineup this weekend in Arizona. He is available to pinch hit in this series with the Rockies.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Eric says:

    I’m sorry.. But why are we talking about Vogelsong downward spiral… If Vogelsong is downward than “Pablo” has crashed.. Why is no one talking about putting him on the bench or in the 8 hole… You went 1-4 this past weekend against the Dodgers and saw a total of (4) pitches.. He went 0-5 last night… This “guy” is NOT a good hitter and never has been.. This guy is a lucky hitter… He get’s hit “at times” that no other player in Baseball would swing at.. He was finally benched in 2010 and we won the World Series… It’s time “BENCH HIM”!!!

  • King of Cali says:

    Eric, I see what you’re saying about Sandoval. I like the guy and was trying to give him more time to get out of his slump before I bash him. lol jk He’s not producing right now. Maybe I can crunch some numbers and we can talk about his big struggles tomorrow as well. He did play himself out of the lineup in 2010 down the stretch. Let’s just hope he turns it around this year before he does the same thing!

    ~King of Cali (Steven)

  • Eric says:

    I’m not bashing him now because he’s not producing because I haven’t liked him for years… I think I vented on this same web site in 2010… I’m tired of watching guys battle at the plate “to get on base” and to watch him swing at the 1st horrible pitch and ground into a double play. This guy does not have a good eye for the ball.. Yes, he does get lucky and hits some balls that no player in the MLB could ever hit. However, I would rather see a guy “see some pitches” and work a good pitcher to get him out of the game in the 6th or 7th inning.. 4 pitches in 4 at bats doesn’t cut it.. All I can say is SF must be selling a lot of Panda hats to keep this guy around…

  • fast freddie says:

    Eric is so “Right On” about Panda….He no longer plays first base due to the closeness of the water and Panda falling and causing a Sunami…because of his largeness he can not even bend over to field a ground ball. As far as his hitting Eric says it all, it is the most pathetic display of anything I have seen in my 75 years…as Eric says “lucky”. I say Arias is the third baseman without a doubt. I would go as far as to say replace him with Burriss….I know, I know, I am at rock bottom but I have a lot to go to catch up to Panda. Is Renteria or Tejada still available ????

  • Chris says:

    haha you guys crack me up granted Pablo swings at a lot of pitches but when that guy is on and has his eye working he is going to be an over .300 career hitter. he’s got power, can move quick, and if he drops little weight the skies the limit. blanco is useless and I’m sorry but arias is a good defensive player and that’s all, hes on a hot streak.that will end and he’ll b back to a .240 hitter with no pop

  • Chris says:

    And pablo (playing half a year, slumping, and overweight) is still better . Burriss is a joke and Arias while good is not as good as pablo

  • Eric says:

    Here’s a stat ESPN printed in Mid July on the Panda……

    •Pablo Sandoval has grounded into nine double plays on the first pitch this season. That’s more than six teams and almost twice as many as the Mets (5).

  • fast freddie says:

    Sorry Chris Pablo is still a joke…Burriss was and is still worse…that was said with LOL as was Tejada and Renteria…stats still show that when Pablo is on eating binges he stinks the yard out…double play after double play and until he thins down he should not be batting third or even playing…he must put a heck of a shine on Boch’s car. Granted Arias is not a hitter but he is lights out fielding compared to Pablo who has trouble bending over for grounders…then again maybe you and I are watching different games.

  • Paul Moore says:

    When he worked down his weight, he did better on the field and the bat. Now that he is back to where he was in weight, it seems to have an effect on him. When one cannot have discipline on his plate, he has no discipline at the plate. Bottom line he cost the game last night…his error would have been 3 outs, but with and they would hve been ahead. At the plate with men on base, he was a zero. Bench him to wake him up.

  • Paul Moore says:

    How many times have there been runners on 3rd with 1 out. In ATT you have to play small ball…bunt the guys in and get the one run…with it it puts more heat on the other team…not he lets them hit and so many times…double play…gads I hate it!!!

  • Eric says:

    If Pablo spent more time on his fundamentals than worring about his pre at bat “Bull S___” he just might be a better hitter. This guy goes to the plate like someone should be worried that he’s up there. You don’t have to throw this guy a strike because he will swing at anything; especially if we have a rally going. I’m tired of hearing.. everyone loves the Panda.. He’s great in the dugout.. He has fun.. He loves the game…. I tell both my boys that this is the “worst” hitter in the MLB and take nothing from what he does on the field to your own game…. Does Pablo watch hitters like Posey while he’s back in the dugout?

  • Chris says:

    Fast freddie your hilarious, so you want a straight 2 man defensive team on the left infield witb arias and crawford? For gods sake pablo barely played this year and still has a good BA and leads the infield in.HR’s, explain that please

  • fast freddie says:

    Ah yes Chris, hilarity abounds tonight…I just walked away from the game with a gut ache from watching “Flub-A-Dubs” clown act at third base and with the bat again or am I once again watching a different game ? One error, three mentals and counting – whoop de doo !!!!

  • Beach_Bum says:

    Good chatter! My two cents:

    I tend to go with what’s going to be hot right now, and through October…

    Recent stats show Vogelsong may not get a starting position in the playoffs, but his next two regular season starts BOTH vs SD should tell the story.

    Overweight Panda (and I’m a huge fan) is starting to remind me of overweight Molina. When he’s too fat to get to first base on a dropped double play ball (yes, with a guy on third), that’s a “bit” too large for me. Aria’s hot (and relatively inexperienced), and I trust Bochy to win this year if at all possible. But Panda in SF longer than his arbitration years…I’m not optimistic.

    I’m elated that it looks like we’re going to the playoffs!!! Our choice of pitching is pretty broadbased right now with the 40-man roster (and players coming off the DL & drug suspensions), and while starters & relievers have been too inconsistent, Bochy will have a good selection to choose his 25-man playoff roster.

    Fielders (read that third base) is another matter, as I don’t see Burris as anybody that will be playing for SF in the playoffs nor next season.

    A long-time amazing thought…. no matter what year I’m rooting for Giants (since that 1st grade class where they took us out of school to watch the 1962 World Series on a 19″ black & white TV in the lunchroom), the current year is always the most exciting! Love you fellow Giants fans!!!

    PS-AT&T was the most electric beating LA since the 2010 World Series….GO GIANTS!!

  • fastfreddiesmomshot says:

    Wow I’m so happy to see that you judge a player on one game, maybe you should give crap to fowler, Crawford, Gonzalez and everybody else that errored out tonight. Pablo is a good ballplayer and solid hitter, just looked at his stats and his WAR and if you know what that Stat is fastfreddie and then just know, that I was right and that’s what’s important

  • fast freddie says:

    After looking back at some past comments [including my own] I think maybe I mis-quoted myself about Burriss or some did not grasp my jest….I have been down on Burriss for years as the only time the Giants call him back up it is for his running [sometimes very suspect]
    all he doe’s he scare the crap out of gophers around second base. Brings back memories of the A’s signing a track star to run the bases and a midget to get a walk from the opposing pitcher.
    I truly like the Panda, but now that ownership seems to have bought a lifetime pass to burger king for him he has turned into a “yawner” by taking Burriss’s thunder from him with all the balls to second base[especially for double plays] Come on Panda be the player you can be or wind up being the balance act at the infield positions for Detroit and Prince Fielder.Overweight third baseman don’t last long in baseball.