SF Giants Rumors: Pence, Other Names Linked To Giants, And Schierholtz Update

Dennis O’Donnell of CBS 5  went on the air last night saying a source says the San Francisco Giants have acquired outfielder Hunter Pence.
The team has not confirmed this deal at this time. Which means the Giants could be close to landing Pence, or it could be some bad information passed by the source.

Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com says the Giants have been tied to Pence, Aramis Ramirez, Justin Morneau and Shane Victorino. Heyman also points out that Giants club officials say no deal is in place for Pence.

In another article, Heyman says CBSSports.com has confirmed that the Giants are trying to swing for Pence. The Giants weren’t believed to have much money to spend, but it appears they are considering spending some here.

We recently heard that Nate Schierholtz had requested a trade. A close source tells SF Giants Rumors that Schierholtz did not request a trade.

“He’s happy to be on a team with his best friends. His dream as a kid was to be a Giant and still is.”

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Eric says:

    Do something….. Crawford, Arias, Belt (and should I go on) are not the answer. With Sandoval out, were dead after the 3-4 hitters.

  • Paul Moore says:

    As the announcer said yesterday, after two players, the rest are not contributing. The dodgers have more than that in their lineup. We need more contributions from the others and are not getting it. Belt needs to go. Bring back Pill. He is more mature and if playing time is there he can be the right handed power they need. Belt is a waste for the rest of th year.

  • David says:

    The Phillies gave a lot for Pence and either he would not come cheaply or he should come cheaply.

  • Matthew says:

    The Giants don’t have ” MUCH MONEY TO SPEND” !!!! Are you kidding me?? Sellout! Sellout! Sellout every game!!!

  • David says:

    Hi Matthew,

    The Giants are spending ~$16M on Rowand, $10M on Huff, and $16M on Zito. This indicates that Sabean is penny-wise and pound foolish. The opportunities for free agents after 2010 have mainly been squandered. The Giants wanted to reward the champions, instead of looking to the future. Now it’s time to turn the page. Sabean could be relieved, for example, by Bobby Evans (who signed Cain).


  • Anthony says:

    I hope it’s true we got Pence; we need his bat!

  • Don Evans says:

    I’m not sure that another bat is the answer. You build winning teams with solid pitching and strong defense. I do agree that we need to bring Pill back and insert him in as the everyday at FB with Belt coming in as a late defensive replacement. I would further move Crawford to the lead off spot. My lineup would be something like this: SS – Crawford, 2B – Teriot, LF – Cabera, C = Posey, 3B Sandoval (Aries) 1B – Pill, RF – Schierholtz, CF – Pagan. The Gmen do need to look for a solid closer, maybe Perez from Clevland. Just some thoughts. Go Giants