SF Giants Rumors – Pirates Want A Prospect For Doumit

John Perrotto of the Beaver County Times recently said that the Giants would be a possible destination for Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit.
Perrotto tells SF Giants Rumors that it wouldn’t cost the Giants any Major League players to get the deal done. The Pirates would like a decent prospect, and he’s pretty sure the Pirates would be interested in Brandon Crawford.
Crawford was recently called up for the injured Mike Fontenot. Crawford is one of six players (All Time) to hit a grand slam in his major league debut.

Check out the Q&A with Crawford that he did with SF Giants Rumors during the off season.

~King of Cali

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  • Mike says:

    I would prefer to use Crawford as our everyday ss

  • pete rose says:

    The kid can hit,keep him

  • Anthony says:

    If the Giants trade Crawford I’m gonna kill myself!

  • Mr.B says:

    I would trade someone else but nobody to major.

  • King of Cali says:


    No need to kill yourself. Crawford isn’t going anywhere. At least not for Doumit. The Giants need a shortstop right now, and if they trade him then they have nothing. I really like Crawford, so I’m hoping he can keep his stroke going, and make the Giants decision to keep him at short stop a lot easier.

    He’s currently hitting .333 with 1 HR, 5 RBI and 3 Runs scored.

  • Beach_Bum says:

    With Crawford at SS, and Panda at 3B….no rush to get rid of any prospects IMHO.

    And headline 17 minutes ago…”Doumit out at least a month with ankle fracture”.

  • Lunchbox says:

    If it’s a reliever, then by all means I’m down for the Doumit trade. But if they want Crawford, forget it. The Giants would be getting a rent-a-player, once Posey comes back Doumit will be dispensable. However, if the Giants think of moving Posey to another position, then they could keep Doumit to play catcher.

    Bottom line, Crawford has some upside. Hopefully he’ll learn to hit the ball the other way, instead of pulling the ball all of the time. Pitchers will learn how to pitch to him, if he doesn’t adjust and adapt to major league pitching.
    Hopefully Crawford won’t be a Brian Bocock.

  • Arishia says:

    Over my cold dead body. grrrr

  • bonds-barry bonds says:

    not crawford, but if hes out with an ankle injury, look somewhere else cuz whiteside is killin me.

  • Vince says:

    HAHA, The Pirates are trippen if they even want Crawford or even Zach Wheeler .. Doumit is not good enought for an A prospect maybe a C or B- but that’s it. You know what’s funny is alot teams are wanting to take advantage of us because they know we need a defensive/offensive catcher now with Posey out. So these teams are using that to there advantage with us. Saying well they need us not the other way around. But Sabean is the ultimate man he knows what these players are worth . So if I know Sabean well hes gonna wait till the dealine or the “stretch run ” knowing teams will be more then willing then. Crawford won’t go anywhere with the way hes hitting.