SF Giants Rumors: Possible Brian Wilson Deal, Brian Sabean At The Trade Deadline And Giants Leaders

Wilson_PosingWith all the rumors swirling about Brian Wilson showcasing his arm, the San Francisco Giants have been involved in the process and seem to be showing a lot of interest. Let’s not forget that Wilson is not just a pitcher. He’s a marketing director’s dream! When you sign Wilson, you’re not just adding a bullpen arm. You’re adding ticket sales, t-shirt sales and bringing in a guy that fans love to follow.

Chris Haft of MLB.com tells SF Giants Rumors that the Giants could sign Wilson for the pro-rated minimum salary. However, that doesn’t mean Wilson would sign for that low of a salary. Unless there’s some big performance bonus thrown on the side, says Haft. I do believe Wilson will sign a contract to finish the remainder of this season to showcase himself in games. Then hit the free agent market again after the season for a much bigger deal. Only time will tell, if the Giants will re-sign him or if Wilson will take his services elsewhere.
Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle tells us (via Sulia) what it comes down to for GM Brian Sabean at the trade deadline. He says if Sabean can get difference-making prospects for guys like Hunter Pence and/or Tim Lincecum, then he’d be wrong to stand pat. If he can fill multiple holes going forward by dealing closer Sergio Romo (not in a contract year), then do it. But you don’t just trade a guy for the sake of trading a guy “because you don’t let him walk away later for nothing.” You can always get something, even if it’s a draft pick next June.
Pitcher Clayton Blackburn was nearly perfect last night. He retired 20 hitters in a row to begin his start, reports Joe Ritzo of the San Jose Giants (via Twitter).
Giants Leaders
AVG: Posey .318
 HR: Pence 14
RBI: Posey 59
 SB: Pence 14
  W: Bumgarner 10
ERA: Bumgarner 2.93
Saves: Romo (24)
   K: Bumgarner 128
NL West Standings
Dodgers: 53-48
D-Backs: 53-49 GB: 0.5
Rockies: 49-54 GB: 5
Giants: 46-55 GB: 7
Padres: 46-57 GB: 8
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~Steven Robles
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  • gpbutches says:

    Come on Sabean! We have nothing [because of bad scouting] in are minor leagues. It’s not going to get any better next year, unless you plan on signing Ellsbury for a $100 mill and another F.A for $65 mill, while having to deal with Baum-Sandavol-Pence an so on! Miami is one of the worst teams in the majors. But look at their O.F an dream you could have one!

  • Bud Kelly says:

    Sabean knows this season is all but over but has to keep the fans coming …….So if he does anything at all it will be to set up next year……….Picking players to play in the minors is one hell of a big guess and being lucky makes ever scout look like great. BK