SF Giants Rumors: Ramon Ramirez Is Back, Tony Abreu Picked Up Off Waivers

TorresRamirezPaganJon Heyman of CBSSports.com says (via Twitter) the San Francisco Giants have agreed to terms with reliever Ramon Ramirez. The Giants traded Ramirez and Andres Torres to the Mets for outfielder Angel Pagan last offseason.
It’s funny that now all three of these guys will be on the same team in San Francisco. It’s like the Giants let the Mets borrow these guys and gave us Pagan. I do love Ramirez back in our bullpen. I was sad to see them give him up in the trade for Pagan.
Ramirez pitched in 58 games for the Mets in 2012, and had a 4.24 ERA. I’m sure those numbers will improve at AT&T Park. Welcome back Ramirez!
The Giants made a move yesterday. No, it’s nothing to write home about. They picked up infielder Tony Abreu off waivers from the Royals. Abreu will need to battle at Spring Training to win a spot on the Giants bench. Claiming Abreu is just a way for the Giants to add infield depth. Abreu is a career .252 hitter, and really needs to improve with the stick if he’s looking to crack the 25-man roster.
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~King of Cali (Steven Robles)
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