SF Giants Rumors: Ruggiano, Pence, Wilson, Etc.

Credit: Steven Robles - SF Giants Rumors

Credit: Steven Robles – SF Giants Rumors

Jayson Stark of ESPN.com reports that the San Francisco Giants have been linked to the Marlins’ Justin Ruggiano. This is only a possibility if the Giants are in buy mode. The trade deadline is one week away, and GM Brian Sabean will have to make his mind up soon if they’re going to buy or sell. Outfielder Hunter Pence could be on his way out if the Giants decide to sell. Sabean isn’t looking to trade Pence. However, that could change if a desperate team comes in and blows Sabean away with an offer that he can’t refuse.

Congratulations to manager Bruce Bochy for 1,500 career wins as a manager. He got this win in the second game of last night’s doubleheader. Yes, that’s the game where the Giants were wearing their road uniforms and batting first at AT&T Park. I’m sure that will become a Giants trivia question somewhere down the road. 

The Giants will visit the White House on Monday July 29 for the second time in three years. Then everyone will be traded away two days later at the trade deadline (just kidding). Let’s hope the Giants can find a way to keep visiting that White House every couple years. That would make a lot of people in the Bay Area very happy!

CSNBayArea.com reports that Brian Wilson will be in Los Angeles Thursday to showcase himself for some teams. Andrew Baggarly says (via video in that article) he was told that Wilson looked really good Monday when he threw for pitching coach Dave Righetti and Giants bullpen catcher Billy Hayes at the University of San Francisco. He topped out at 93-94 MPH and threw his cutter with movement. Baggarly also added that the Giants would like to have Wilson back if something can be worked out.

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~Steven Robles


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  • Jakeem Reynolds says:

    Bruce Bochy’s 1,500th win is the good news. The bad news is that he’s also nearing 1,500 career losses.

  • Don Evans says:

    Watching the highlights of the reds series, it looked like our pitchers were throwing batting practice. I think it’s time to move Linceum to the BP and to look for a front line starter. Also, maybe a set line up of starters could help sure up the defense. If the decision is sell at the end of month, I’m making Sanndoval and Cain both on the list.
    I hope it doesn’t come to this. Go Giants!!!!

  • Chris B says:

    Giants need to play it smart and be sellers. It will take a miracle in order to make the playoffs. With the Dodgers pace over the entire season they are will 85 games with the current pace you can assume quiet easily they’re on pace for over 90 wins (they would have to go 37-25 for 90 wins).

    That equates to the Giants needing 91 wins theoretically. 91 wins means 45-16.

    There is no chance for the Giants to secure the Wild Card as they’re even further out of the Wild Card.

  • Bud Kelly says:

    Hunter is the only guy that hits and fields + steal a base like an outfielder. So we need 2 more like him the rest are just the run of the mill fill in’s .
    As for this year well………do your best but it’s not good at all and it isn’t going to get much better …we have to many holes!
    Just don’t gut the team ..BK