SF Giants Rumors – Sabean Gives Some Insight

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  • 8 December, 2009
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Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News shares with us some points from the Giants GM Brian Sabean’s session with the beat writers.
Pablo Sandoval will be the cleanup hitter, leaving the Giants to find someone who can hit third or fifth.
A lead-off platoon of Andres Torres/Eugenio Velez is acceptable, unless other options present themselves.
Ryan Garko is “on the bubble” to be tendered a contract.
Brandon Medders will be tendered one, though.
A couple clubs called on the trade front. Some old, some new, but nothing that looked promising to lead anywhere. “We’re under no pressure,” Sabean said. “We’ll do business at our own pace.”
Side Notes:
John Bowker only played two games in Venezuela, because he had “quad issues,” according to Sabean. The GM was clear to express his disappointment. This is the sort of thing that could impact Bowker’s chances at an everyday role next season. The Giants historically don’t like player who aren’t “good soldiers,” and Bowker wasn’t happy about going to Venezuela. 
Emmanuel Burriss had a setback with his surgically repaired foot. He’s been rehabbing and there isn’t another surgery on the horizon. A chronic foot issue would be a death knell to Burriss career advancement. His speed is such a huge part of his game.
King of Cali thoughts: It’s nice to hear Sabean say Sandoval is the cleanup hitter. If he can develop a little more power. He would be a nice cleanup hitter. I see him as a number three hitter thought, because he can flat out hit for average. The number three hitter is usually your best all around hitter. It would be nice to see a big bat right behind Sandoval.
I do like both Torres and Velez and they both are fast spark plugs at the top of the order. I would still like to see the Giants go out and get a solid power bat for the outfield though.
As for Garko being on the bubble. This is a hard decision for the Giants. I think they should bring him back. He pressed when he got traded. He has some power that they can use. If he doesn’t pan out the way they want him to off the bench and spot starts. Then they can deal him at the trading deadline.
~King of Cali

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