SF Giants Rumors: Sabean Is On The Clock, Lincecum, Pence and Lopez Update


Credit: Steven Robles - SFGiantsBaseball.net

Credit: Steven Robles – SFGiantsBaseball.net

There’s no game today, so the San Francisco Giants are visiting the White House and hanging out with Barack Obama. They’re fresh off a sweep by the hands of the Cubs at AT&T Park. I think it’s safe to say it’s time to really start fielding calls from other teams about possible trades. Ken Rosenthal of FoxSports.com says GM Brian Sabean will entertain trade offers for veteran players at the non-waiver deadline. Ideally, the Giants would like to keep three of their potential free agents, Hunter PenceTim Lincecum and Javier Lopez. At this point, club officials feel they must listen to any reasonable proposal.

Lincecum has seemed to fallen back to earth since his two Cy Young Awards. However, he has shown signs of his dominate self with his no-hitter earlier in the month. He’s still owed nearly $8 million of his $22 million salary this year.
Pence departure would mean the Giants would be adding another hole to their outfield needs. He’s hit .257 with 21 homers, 96 RBI and 83 runs scored in 163 games in a Giants uniform. His average could be a little higher, but that’s the kind of production any team would want from their right-fielder. I’m sure you’ve thought about the possibility of trading him for prospects and then re-signing him at the end of the year when he hits the free agent market. That sounds like the perfect plan, but once you let him go, you just never know if he will end up coming back! 
Jayson Stark of ESPN.com reports that the Giants have told teams that they’d rather re-sign Pence than trade him. But they’ll think about it if they get “blown away” with an offer. Not likely.
Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com says (via Twitter) the Reds have inquired about Pence. “Doesn’t look like a match so far”, says Heyman.
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~Steven Robles
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  • Anthony says:

    Whoa slow down!
    When we had Pagan leading off he and Scutero were jelling like last year and despite our pitching problems we were in first.
    Pagan went down and so did we.
    It shows what a factor he is to the club; a legitimate lead-off hitter and a great outfielder.
    Don’t trade Timmy it will be like when they traded Gaylord Perry. Timmy still is striking out alot of guys and his stuff is electric!
    If they trade Pence then they’ll be anemic offensively again.
    No trades. This year is a fluke. Keep this team intact and if they’re healthy they will be the dominant Giants we have known them to be.

  • Betty says:

    I totally agree with Anthony. We have next year to look forward to when everyone will be healthy. It would be the ruination of this team if you go forward with this plan of action, and you may drive some fans away in disgust. I’ve been a fan of the Giants for 60 years plus, even before they came to S.F. My Great-Grandchildren get a kick out of this Granny when she is watching a game

  • Steven says:

    Ant & Betty,
    Thanks for the comments! I would like to see them all stay too, but if the right call comes along, Sabean needs to think serious about the proposal. Timmy, Pence and Lopez are all going to hit the free agent market following this season. Once they hit that market they’re open game to everyone and they could get tempted for more $$$ elsewhere. It’s always been a thought in everyone’s mind that Timmy would want to go to Seattle when he became a free agent. Plus now he’s getting paid $22 million and not producing like someone that’s getting $22 million. I still want him back but who knows if he will be willing to come back and take a pay cut. He might want a fresh start in a new uniform. Pence will sure draw interest from any team that’s looking to add a right – handed bat. I think if he leaves then the Giants have a huge problem of trying to fill left and right field. I would like them to re-sign him asap but that’s not happening till the offseason. He says he wants to stay but lets see when he has multiple offers on the table. Javier Lopez, this guy they need to just re-sign now. He’s money against lefties in clutch situations, but word on the street is he might want to pitch closer to his home in Virgina.

  • Michelle says:

    Totally agree! Don’t trade Pence! He’s a Giant we need. Javier is needed also….Timmy can still do it but maybe if we can get a great outfielder …….

  • fast freddie says:

    From day one all you have heard from me is my belly-aching about Blanco,Torres and Quiroz, these slugs have to go. This is ownership and their love affairs and Sabes and Boch kissy routine with the girls…now the ugly head rears once more with Thunder Thighs Pablo and ownerships kissy game about his weight…At best he is a seven On the line up card, not fourth [once again the kissy game] Bring back Juan Perez for third base or center field until Pagan returns with back-up Arias if he fails. Also bring back Sanchez for catcher back-up along with some young guns for the outfield..LEAVE THINGS ALONE IN THE TRADES AND WHEN THE TIME COMES IF THEY GO ELSEWHERE…SEE YA !!!.

  • qman says:

    the bats are real clean no ball marks

  • hcuebas says:

    Let them go and try getting some strong bats for the 4th and 5th. spot to protect Posey. That will give run production and the pitchers do not have to overextend themselves as they have been doing in the last four years.