SF Giants Rumors – Sabean On Scott Boras

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  • 10 December, 2009
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Andrew Baggarly of San Jose Mercury News says Brian Sabean expressed his annoyance with agent Scott Boras. Boras made some comments yesterday about Adrian Beltre and the San Francisco Giants. Boras said the Giants can’t win with a meager offense and Beltre should interest them.
“Well you know, I never knew that we needed any more offense,” said Sabean, tongue firmly in cheek. “I’m shocked to hear I’m the last to know. Scott’s a very smart man. He’s got enough money to buy a club. Maybe that’s the route he should go.”
King of Cali thoughts: We all know that Boras was just pumping up Beltre and trying to get the Giants to start a bidding war for him. Boras is really good at his job and getting teams to start bidding wars and way over pay for his clients. Sabean on the other hand knows he got screwed on over paying for Zito, so I’m sure that’s why he had a comment ready to fire back at Boras. I think it’s just a bummer now to know that the Giants are not interested in Beltre. He’s the kind of hitter we need to add to our lineup. Someone with power that can drive in runs.
~King of Cali
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