SF Giants Rumors: Sanchez Still Not Ready, Stewart Or Whiteside Could Be Traded

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that manager Bruce Bochy says it’s possible that Freddy Sanchez might not be ready for the San Francisco Giants Opener on April 6.
“We’re down to two weeks, and he hasn’t gotten out there yet. We’re still optimistic that we’ll get him out there, but each day that goes by the possibility grows a little bit that he’s not going to be ready,” said Bochy.

Sanchez has been getting his swings in as a DH, but hasn’t taken the field in a spring game as of yet. He’s been trying to strengthen his shoulder, and still is throwing tentatively during infield drills. There is 19 days till Opening Day, so let’s hope Sanchez starts to feel more comfortable making throws by then…

Schulman also says the Royals are showing interest in Giants catchers Chris Stewart and Eli Whiteside to replace their injured catcher Salvador Perez.

It’s going to be Stewart or Whiteside that makes this team as Buster Posey‘s backup. Neither one of these guys brings much to the team offensively, so I would give the backup job to Stewart. Trade Whiteside to the Royals where he can catch Jonathan Sanchez. I’m sure Sanchez would love to pitch to a familiar catcher (that caught his no-hitter in 2009).

Keep in mind that if they trade Whiteside or Stewart. The Giants will not get really anything in return. Whoever they decided to trade would be because they’re not making the Opening Day roster.

What’s your thoughts on Sanchez still MIA on the field, and the Royals interest in Whiteside/Stewart?

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • justin says:

    Well, I can understand that Freddy’s not ready to take the field on defense. That being said, I think that until he feels and the team feels he’s ready to become the everyday second basemen, why not utilize him as a pinch hitter and let Theriot take over at second and have Crawford get some much needed starting time at short?


    Give Freddy the time he needs. Also I would say hang on to both catchers; I have a bad feeling Posey could easily get hurt again, and we could need both those guys.

  • Anthony says:

    I’m disappointed in Freddie not being ready and seriously feel that this could be his last year.
    He’s not going to get better health wise and his injuries are hurting the team.
    It’s too bad because I like him but I think it’s time to start cementing future options.

  • Bob Gorham says:

    Ever since they traded for Sanchez he has been hurt. He seems to be a very fragile player. With Panik and Noonan in the minors and Theriot there now they really do not need to resign him after this year. They could even turn Gillaspie into a secondbaseman.

    When Sanchez is ready to play how long until he hruts himself again?

  • Bob Gorham says:

    Didn’t Sanchez delay the off season surgery hoping the injury would heal itself? In many ways that delay is why he isn’t ready to play. Best scenario, with the money they save after 2012 from Sanchez, Huff and Rowand salaries they can give Cain the money to keep Cain in orange and black. And the $20 million year they save when Zito’s contract expires after 2013 they can resign Lincecum.

  • Kayaker Dave says:

    I hope they let Whiteside go. To me, he is a poor hitter and poor throwing out runners. He is no loss!!

    Freddie not being ready is sad. I like to think through things based on probabilities and the probability of him coming back look very low. I love him. He can be a spectacular fielder and a clutch hitter, but his injuries seem chronic. I can not imagine he will be with us next year.

    Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry says:

    Not ready? If it is taking him this long to get to the point he is at now, why would you think he is going to suddenly accelerate his progress and be ready for the opener. I like Sanchez-when he is on the field- if he can’t be ready to be on the field by now- then let’s move on. I too am concerned about Buster, I don’t see him as an everyday catcher so the number 2 is very important, which makes the number 3 also very important. If there is not much to get in a trade why not hang onto both for a while and see how Buster does.