SF Giants Rumors: Sandoval Return Is Near, Theriot Holds Down 2nd, Runzler To Rehab

The San Francisco Giants will be getting a shot in the arm, come Tuesday. Infielder Pablo Sandoval is expected to join the Giants at AT&T Park on Tuesday (June, 12) when they face the Astros. Sandoval could play 4 more rehab games before his return to San Francisco. Let’s get that swing fine-tuned.
“In emergency or something, we could call him up earlier,” Bruce Bochy said.

Infielder Ryan Theriot has no reason to be concerned when Sandoval returns to the lineup. Joaquin Arias will not move to second base. Theriot has been on fire since coming off the DL. He’s hit .385 in 11 games since his return.

“Talk about injecting some life at the top of the order, he’s done that,” Bochy said. “We’ve seen the player we know we got.”

Pitcher Dan Runzler is going to start his rehab assignment tomorrow with the San Jose Giants. Runzler will pitch 1 inning or 20 pitches.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • David says:

    It is good to see Mike Fontenot getting some playing time with the Phillies. In a similar vein, I’m beginning to get concerned that if Nate S. doesn’t bat better, then he may get released.

  • Mike says:

    David, do not worry about Nate. Huff should be released once Pablo returns. There are not many teams with better 4th outfielders than Nate.

  • I heard that Panda may start as soon as Saturday against the Rangers and the Rangers now plan to start right handed pitchers both Saturday and Sunday. We will see.