SF Giants Rumors – Sandoval, Zito, Kroon and Huff

Pablo Sandoval will start his rehab assignment tonight for the San Jose Giants. Sandoval is scheduled to play six innings, and will also take the field for the SJ Giants in tomorrows game as well.
Sandoval was hitting .313 with 5 homers, and 14 RBI’s for the Giants before his injury. The Buster Posey-less Giants sure can use the Kung Fu Panda’s bat. They had a good offensive game last night, but their offense is crying for some attention.
Barry Zito is scheduled to start his rehab on Monday for the SJ Giants.

Marc Kroon decided he still wants to chase his dream of getting back to the major league. He chose to not exercise his out clause with the Fresno Grizzlies. Which means he will stay in Fresno and hope to get a call up from the Giants soon.

Kroon has played in 21 games, and is 1-2 with a 3.10 ERA (12 saves).
Aubrey Huff had a HUGE night for the Giants last night in St. Louis. Huff brought out the big stick and hit 3 homers and collected 6 RBI’s in the Giants 12-7 win over the Cardinals.

Huff is hitting .233 with 8 homers, and 30 RBI’s in 55 games for the Giants. We know the power is still there for Huff. He just needs to find his stroke to get his average up. Let’s hope last night’s game was the spark he needs to catch fire!

~King of Cali

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  • Mike says:

    Just an idea,since the market is thin on catchers,how about bring in a 3B and use Sandoval behind the plate.

  • pete rose says:

    I could not believe my eyes last night. The GIANTS played like the champions they are in St Louis

  • Mr. B says:

    I can’t wait to get Panda back and huff to get his average up so we can win more games. King care to comment on Sabaens comment.

  • Jonathan Nguyen says:

    Trade Barry Zito for a hitter

  • Beach_Bum says:

    Yesterdays headlines in NY…Yankees looking for starting pitching! (Zito??)

  • Lunchbox says:

    I heard yesterday that Pablo had a sore forearm, but I hope that he’ll be okay and it’s just temporary. I hope that he’ll be back on schedule and incoporate some energy into this line-up.

    I like Huff; I like the energy and veteran presence he brings into the clubhouse. However aside from the St. Louis series, he hasn’t been looking good. He didn’t look good during this past Rockies series. I do hope he’ll pick it up, and June will be a change for him to bring his offense numbers up.

    I like Kroon, and I’m rooting for the guy. If there was a choice to bring Kroon in, and demote or DFA a guy it would be Mota. Mota has not been the same guy in his last 4 appearances. We’ll just keep an eye on him for now.