SF Giants Rumors: Scutaro Is Back, Bochy and Sabean Options Exercised, Outfield Options

Welcome back Marco Scutaro! Scutaro had teams knocking on his door, but ends up picking San Francisco as his home for the next three years. It’s a three year deal worth $20 million.
John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle says (via Twitter) the 2014 options for manager Bruce Bochy and GM Brian Sabean have been exercised by the San Francisco Giants. I guess that’s what happens when you win the World Series two out of three years.

In another tweet, Shea confirms that Bochy and the Giants have had internal discussions about outfielder Ichiro Suzuki. However, I don’t think the Giants will act on this move. After signing Scutaro, they can’t have much money left to throw around to land Ichiro.

The G-men are looking for an outfielder with a right-handed bat to platoon with Gregor Blanco in left field.

It’s reported by Andre Baggarly (via Twitter) that a two-year deal was set up with the Giants and outfielder Ryan Ludwick prior to Scutaro agreeing to terms with the Giants. Baggarly believes the team is tapped out to spend the kind of money now to bring in Ludwick or Scott Hairston.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Kit Anderton says:

    All I am saying is give youth a chance.

  • Steverino says:

    I agree, Kit. I have no problem with the two recent signings, but I say let Blanco have left field until approaching the trade deadline. By then there will have been opportunities for some injury calliope to show what they can or cannot do.
    Sadly, Belt still needs to prove he is the first baseman of the future, so the G’s need to keep resources in reserve for potentially acquiring a 1B if the need and opportunity arise.

  • Anthony R says:

    Great news and welcome back Scutero!!

    Now, the Giants are tapped out after signing Pagan and Scutero…..really?

    They’be been selling out home games for over 2 years now.

    They still need a power hitter to go with Posey and Pablo!

  • fast freddie says:

    You got that one dead on Anthony the money problem is the girl ownership can not see thru their hair-do’s and make up that a dynasty is in the making and all that is really needed is a right handed bat with some pop for two or less years Nady would even be a breath of fresh air…they will not be a power without a big right handed bat. Do your magic Sabes

  • Peter Baiata says:

    Giants should sign Scott Hairston, he’s a good outfielder who’s had solid numbers the last couple of years. The Mets said they’d pick him up for cheap so how expensive could he be??? Ichiro would be my first pick, I don’t care how similar he is to anyone, he’s a great defensive outfielder who can steal you a base. He’s a great draw. Come on the Giant’s just got a ton of money from the world series. One two year deal on either. Then it’s time for Brown!! Go Giants

  • fast freddie says:

    I am a Peter fan for life,,,,my exact choices
    The money is there…now the girls have to let go of it.

  • Nick W says:

    If the money is there, which all Giants fans know it is…after averaging 3 million fans the past three seasons…why not go after Nick Swisher? The guy in my mind is a perfect fit, not because he can play the corner outfield spots and 1st, which makes him a great sub/platoon for not only Blanco and Pence, but Belt as well if sh*t hits the fan..and not because the dude has averaged 25 HRs the past 6 seasons. The reason is simple..he brings what led the Giants team to two out of three championships…personality/camaraderie. imagine that clubhouse lol..Romo,Pablo, Pence,Pagan, Affeldt, hopefully The Beard and then bringing in Swisher? Just get it done Sabes