SF Giants Rumors: Season And Parade Over, What’s Next?

Yesterday’s parade was a success. All the players had a great time, and the fans got to celebrate winning the 2012 World Series with their San Francisco Giants. The only downfall to me was the parade was on Halloween, so I couldn’t attend. I went to my kids Halloween parade at school. However, I did get a chance to watch the Giants parade on TV.
Now that the season and parade is over. It’s time for manager Bruce Bochy and GM Brian Sabean to start thinking about next year.

The Giants must decide if they want to make offers to try an bring back Angel Pagan, Marco Scutaro and Jeremy Affeldt. These guys are free agents and I’m sure will have some nice offers coming their way.

Andrew Baggarly of CSNBayArea.com says (via Twitter) Affeldt is aware that Brandon League signed a 3-year, $22.5 million contract with the Dodgers. Which means the market has been set for Affeldt’s services. Affeldt also said if he doesn’t re-sign, he will cherish his San Francisco memories.

Baggarly also says (in another tweet) Scutaro’s clear 1st choice is to re-sign with the Giants. Scutaro joked that he’s looking for 15-year, 3 thousand million dollars.

Here is a list of a few other players that might be on their way out.

Ryan Theriot (would still bring value off the bench)
Xavier Nady (no need for Nady)
Brad Penny (could return in a long relief role)
Aubrey Huff (his time as a Giant has come to an end)
Guillermo Mota (could return on a 1-year deal, doubtful)
Freddy Sanchez (likely retire)
Melky Cabrera (doubtful return, likely sign elsewhere)

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • David says:

    Yes, these look like the deals which will preoccupy the Giants. There’s no reason why any of the top three should not sign with the Giants.

    I want to know about the ‘pipeline’ for pitching prospects, within the Giants’ farm teams. If it’s depleted, then when and how should this be addressed?

  • Anthony R says:

    Resign Affeldt and Scutero; see what the demand for Pagan is.

    Try and get Upton and Josh Hamilton through free agency: convert Hamilton to 1st.

  • fast freddie says:

    The way I see it is….keep Affeldt,Pagan,and Scutaro as long as the time of the contracts are kept to a minimum….I see where Anthony is coming from…we need some power in left field…Josh Hamilton is who we need as Blanci is a #5 outfielder at most {great glove with fair wheels but a wreck at bat}If Pagan goes elsewhere I like Upton. There seems to be some good looking hitters available in the free agent outfielders….Keep the girls {owners} credit cards for their feminine needs in a locked safe they seem to be more interested in hair do’s then the teams needs.
    The money is there to do it NOW !!!!

  • I see it largely as you have suggested. I know the Giants will likely skip on Melky, but if I was making the decision, I would re-sign him. I bet he will have a productive year next year and he will go cheap. I am so happy to see Huff go. Stupid us paying him $22M for the last 2 years. I think the odds are that we lose Pagan as I bet he will follow the money and some team will overpay for him. I think we will get Scutaro back and I love that!!! I would be interested in Hamilton as selfishly, I would get lots of Splash HR’s from him. I would not want to over pay for him though. And I am against long contracts. I really don’t like contracts more than 3 years. We could pay plenty for him, just keep the contract short. Pay him $30 million for one year!

  • Don Evans says:

    Teams win championships with strong pitching, solid defense and timely hitting. I would like to see them retain Affeldt, Pagan, and Scutaro, because this gives them strength up the middle and a good shut down left handed arm. While the thoughts of getting Hamilton are interesting, I would not want to over pay and certainly not sign him for any longer than 3 years. I would want to hold onto Blanco as a fourth outfielder and a late inning defensive player. Just some thoughts. Go Giants!!!

  • hcuebas says:

    Sign Pagan, Scutaro an Affeldt. They have proven to be truly competitors. There are other free agents that are very good and with less baggage and controversy than Hamilton. As good as he is, he may not be the element of team playing which characterize the Giants.
    I say, give Melky a chance. He may want to prove that he is for real.

  • fast freddie says:

    Duhhhhhhhhhh…do I detect a blond in the midst ??? One breath Hamilton is knocked for his element for team playing and in the next says sign Melky…Better sit down and light up on that one !!! I would also give Melky a chance but with Giants ownership’s drug dealings I can hear them saying “enough is enough”. GO GIANTS

  • hcuebas says:

    Freddie, with or without EPDs Melky always has been a gung-ho player. The basis of GIANTS play. Even the Rangers management could not say the same thing about Hamilton, his numbers nothwithstanding.
    Why did we brought Mota back? It is not that we did not have previous experience with EPDs.

  • Mr. B says:

    King ,I am in agreement with you. I do believe that Giants will sign a good hitting outfielder in the off season and keep the majority of the team intact.