SF Giants Rumors – Should The Giants Call On Posey?

Buster Posey CatchingHenry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle says a leading theory posits the Giants will keep Buster Posey in the minors until June to ensure he does not gain an extra year of arbitration eligibility, but team officials have discussed bringing him up sooner.
King of Cali thoughts: Now it’s not rocket-science. If Posey is hitting and Aubrey Huff isn’t. I would bring up Posey, and let him get some games in at first. He can even get some games in when Bengie Molina needs a break behind the dish. This is just to help jump start the offense a bit.
Posey hasn’t been driving the ball so far this season, but he’s still getting his hits. He’s currently hitting .353 AVG with 1 homer and 9 RBI’s in 18 games for the Fresno Grizzlies. We need a guy that can hit. If you place him in this Giants lineup. He’s easily already one of the top 3 hitters in the everyday lineup. That’s how good this kids bat can be. Well then again… him being one of our top 3 hitters isn’t saying much for a team that desperately needs offensive help. Do you think the Giants should bring up Posey now?
~King of Cali

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  • Erie says:

    Leave him down there. He strikes out ALOT, just like Bowker. We don’t need him at 1st and Huff will come around. Ishikawa is more than capable of giving Huff a breather. We really don’t need the inexperience of Bowker this yr. when we have a real shot at the playoffs.

  • Fred says:

    You obviously haven’t looked at Benjie & Whiteside’s batting averages. Unless one these guys gets hurt, I’d leave him in Fresno

  • admin says:


    Huff might be starting to get hot now. He hit a homer last night. I think Huff will come around too. The Giants just need offense anyway they can get it. I can tell you’re not a big Bowker fan. He might be getting sent down to Fresno when Rowand gets activated on Sunday.


  • admin says:


    We know Bengie needs breaks. He’s not in the best of shape and usually doesn’t play a day game after a night game. Whiteside is starting off pretty hot right now, but he’s not a hitter that can be counted on. It’s still early in the season. Let’s talk in a couple months and tell me who you want between Whiteside and Posey.


  • fred says:

    No question King…I want Posey beside Bengie at least for 2 months before the season’s up.

    In the meantime, tied for first feels great!!