SF Giants Rumors: Two Disappointment Games, Now Takes Three In A Row


Picture courtesy of Marko Realmonte.

After two games in the National League Division Series, the San Francisco Giants find themselves with their backs to the wall.
Two huge disappointment games, and the G-Men find themselves on life support to continue their playoff run. Meaning just one more loss to the Reds, and they can call it a season.

It’s going to take 3 straight wins in Cincinnati for the Giants to make it to the National League Championship Series. Ryan Vogelsong (game 3 starter) must be the Reds stopper if the Giants want to continue their quest to another World Series title.

Game two’s 9-0 loss to the Reds will go down as the worst postseason shutout in franchise history. Only Brandon Belt and Pablo Sandoval managed to get a hit in the game. Everyone else has a huge donut hole next to their name in the hits column.

Let’s hope the road continues to be kind to the Giants. They have played some really good ball on the road this year. Game three will start tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2:37pm Pacific time. If the Giants can pull off the win, game four will be Wednesday at 1:07pm Pacific time.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Paul Moore says:

    As the season comes to an end we thank the Giants, they did well. But could they have done better. Three very important questions:


  • Paul Moore says:

    As a good season comes to an end, three very important questions which wonders why they could not have gone further.

    1. Why did the “best” pitching staff in baseball all peter out all at once. Was it they all got tired..overworked what? When the end was in site, they all started to get hit, lost control etc…why.

    2. To me Hunter Pence was a real mistake. They traded a good outfielder, who if given the at bats that Pence would have hit much better than the wild swinging Pence. What did Pense bat as a giant… 215 as a giant. And batting in the 5 hole. He was not the outfielder we lost,

    #3 Pablo supose to be a start. Gads he needs to become serious about his playing condition…he shows no pride as so many other giants show and he is such a poor batter swinging like a Pense.. Pablo needs to become more serious about baseball as Wilson is, or hit the highway. How many games did he win for us and how many times was he at bat at a critical time and bingoed out.

  • Anthony R says:

    Cain gave up a homer to Phillips on a mistake. He only gave up 3 runs and the Reds are going to hit homers.

    Bumgartner never came inside to the right handed hitters and they just swung from their heels teeing off on him. He never kept them honest. It will be different with Vogelsong and his attitude.

    Pence and Pablo need to calm down and they will hit. Posey is even trying to pull everything getting away from his strength of going the other way.

    Sit Blanco and start Nady. I love Crawford but he needs to sit too.

    Once Pagan and Scutero start setting the table as they have this season this offense will turn around.

    The Reds have a real good team and I wish I could say I was surprised; but I’m not.

    How many times this year have we seen the Giants look like last years Giants then to bust out? It will happen again. This isn’t over yet

  • hcuebas says:

    Paul, the pitchers cannot log soooo many hours of close games. I feel we were hitting above our heads and when Melky went down it was just a matter of time to show our true colors. In fact, our best hitter (BPosey) is in the 4th. slot when baseball savvy says he should be in 3rd. We just do not have sufficient muscle to protect him.
    Anthony, I hope your wish would come true, but we can always explain away our shortcomings.