SF Giants Rumors: Vogelsong, Big Fly, Shutdown Reliever, Hit Streak Ends, Sellout Streak


Sergio Romo

Picture is courtesy of Marko Realmonte.

Last night was a great win for the San Francisco Giants. It’s a sweet way to start a 7-game homestand. I wish I could say Ryan Vogelsong was the winning pitcher, but he wasn’t. Vogelsong tossed seven innings and allowed just one run.
For those of you keeping track of the run support Vogelsong is getting. It’s not much at all… He’s only received nine runs of support over his last six starts. I’m sure he’s just happy the team got the win, but at some point the team needs to get him some “W’s” for his outstanding performances.

Big Fly

Outfielder Gregor Blanco showed that he also has some pop with the bat. Blanco hit his first homer of the season last night for the Giants.

Shutdown Reliever

This man isn’t the closer, but he’s a shutdown reliever! Sergio Romo is currently 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA. He hasn’t allowed a run this season. Romo is 1-of-5 Major League pitchers that hasn’t allowed a run this season.

Hit Streak Ends

Melky Cabrera failed to get a hit last night to snap his 11-game hit streak. Cabrera was hitting .468 during his streak. Who’s starting to think the Giants may have got the better end of the Jonathan Sanchez and Cabrera trade?

Sellout Streak

Last night was the 100th consecutive sellout for the Giants at AT&T Park.

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Don Evans says:

    Blanco is providing some pop at the top of the lineup. I don’t see how they can keep this guy out of the starting line up.

  • Hector Cuebas says:

    I knew from the beggining that the Cabrera trade was going to be the best trade by Sabean ever. Now if he had not let go of Beltran having given Wheeler, we certainly would have very good pop in the batting order. Don’t you think?

  • Anthony says:

    I think Romo should be the closer!