SF Giants Rumors: Vogelsong Not Concerned With Offense, Main Goal Right Now Is To Prove 2011 Wasn’t A Fluke

Rael Enteen of CSNBayArea.com says Ryan Vogelsong isn’t concerned about the San Francisco Giants offense heading into the 2012 season.
“Not concerned at all. We’re getting two really good players back from injury (Buster Posey, Freddy Sanchez) so it’s almost like we signed two free agents,” said Vogelsong.

Vogelsong is going to be the number four starting pitcher in the Giants rotation. He’s coming off a spectacular 2011 season, and this is what Vogelsong said when asked about proving that 2011 wasn’t a fluke and it was legit.

“That’s the main goal right now. I’d be lying if I said it was different then that because it’s not. I know that as soon as I take one bad step or have a bad game. That’s what’s going to be said and I’m going to have to try to keep that down to a minimum and put up as many quality starts up as I can,” said Vogelsong.

What’s your thoughts on the Vogelsong not worried about the Giants offense, and do you think he can relive his 2011 magic?

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • terry says:

    keep focused on your job, ryan, and hope some bats come to life for you; keep pitching like each start is an audition and go at them like last year.

  • Anthony says:

    His job is to pitch of course he’s not worried about the offense: I AM!!!

    Are the Giants telling us we couldn’t get Beltran for what the Cards paid? Sheesh and we gave up Wheeler for him too! What a waste!

    Getting Posey and Sanchez will be big but we still need that big bopper. Can anyone say Tater? I knew you could 😉

    The scouts will be more prepared for him this year so it will be tougher but he will have to make the adjustments.

  • Kayaker Dave says:

    I am looking forward to meeting Vogelsong tomorrow night in San Jose. He had a great 2011 and I am pulling for him to do it again in 2012. It is hard to believe the Giants drafted him in June of 1998 and his first pitch was for the Giants in 9/2/2000.

    We are going to need to have some luck to have enough offense for Vogey and the other pitchers. On paper, our offense is not even average major league talent. We will need some good fortune and I am pulling for the Giants. I am hoping PANDA is going to feed me some HR’s in McCovey Cove!!

  • I don’t think 2011 was a fluke for the giants. I think they will prove it this season. We will have to watch and see what unfolds, baseball is a long season.