SF Giants Rumors: Vogelsong, Tanaka, Sabean, Choo, Beltran, Etc.

Credit: Justeen Ferguson

Credit: Justeen Ferguson

Starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong passed his physical yesterday, so his one-year, $5 million deal is now official. The San Francisco Giants rotation now seems to be set as GM Brian Sabean has said Vogelsong will not need to compete for a rotation spot. He’s got the fifth spot on locked down. I would say that this means the Giants are surely out on Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. I guess that’s a good thing since the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles might refuse to make Tanaka available through the proposed posting system.

John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle shares some insights that he gathered from a conference call with Sabean. You know that deep dark hole in left field? Well, it doesn’t seem like it will be filled anytime soon.
“We’re open-minded, but I’m not optimistic it’s going to be a big piece or anything earth-shattering,” said Sabean.
They’ve ruled out outfielders Shin-Soo Choo and Carlos Beltran since they’ve spent substantially on their own free agents this offseason.
Hunter Pence (5 yrs, $90 million)
Tim Lincecum (2 yrs, $35 million)
Javier Lopez (3 yrs, $13 million)
Ryan Vogelsong (1 yr, $5 million/plus incentives)
Free Agent Signing
Tim Hudson (2 yrs, $23 million)
Sabean also closed the door on moving Brandon Belt to left field. That’s a good call, because Belt could be a future Gold Glove winner at first base. Let’s hope 2014 is the year he brings that hardware home!
“He’s not going to play another position other than first base,” said Sabean.
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~Steven Robles
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  • Anthony says:

    Then put Pill in left and watch them balls fly out of the park off his monster bat!

  • Don Evans says:

    I agree that giving Pill a chance to fill the left field position could be a good option. Give him a chance to play everyday and bring in Blanco as a late inning defensive replacement. Just a thought.

  • Lunch box says:

    I don’t want to see a platoon out there in LF. Blanco is a defensive replacement. Where is the money we are spending on tickets, beer, and Giants swag going if ownership is claiming they cant afford players?

  • hcuebas says:

    Getting a Left Fielder is a MUST. Otherwise we will be an also ran, good pitching notwithstanding.

  • fast freddie says:

    Platooning does not work and especially with one of them being AA caliber at the most. Sabean will fail again and again this is a GM who has no say …a puppet if we wind up with no hitting LF help we are doomed once again.
    Give the job to Pill and let him weave his own rope…if he fails send him on his way and make sure Sabean is under his arm.

  • Jim R says:

    Pill didn’t even look good in left. Didn’t look athletic like an outfielder should. Let’s trade Pill if Belt’s staying at first. Times up carrying both first basemen. Even if for a different position player or so-so reliever that’s better than the current situation. I agree with Lunch Box – we all spend too much. The Gmen need to spend too much too, then. Get a LF’er NOW. Pill K’s too much and is not the answer. And HELL NO to Klieshnick.

  • fast freddie says:

    What I am trying to say Jim that is if Sabean does his usual wishy,washy dance like usual we will get nothing…they have a love affair with Blanco and all they want to say is platoon with him…this man has never done well, even in the minors…he is AA at most and we will be stuck with him once more…play with the hand we are dealt and one of those guys is Pill who is not on Bochys list…Let him show what he can do when he is given playing time right along with Perez and Kieschnick and pick the best of the bunch…Sabean will do nothing unless the girls say so.

  • I agree, Pill does not look athletic. I would trade him. Belt is our first baseman and he is getting beter and better.

    I would love to see the Giants spend some money on LF, but they are getting close to the luxury tax limit. We have over spent on the talent we have and have possibly run out of money. Lincecum is worth maybe $8 million a year based on his 4 ERA the last two years. But the Giants salary doubled his salary to draw fans in, not to win the division. That is the honest truth. I love the Giants and will go to most of the games, but honestly, we are playing for a wild card spot. The Dodgers have a stronger team. We will need them to get a lot of injuries for us to have a chance. Our pitching which should be our strength based on our park had the 13th best ERA in the NL last year out of 15 teams. Our best chance is to have a season of few injuries. If we have few injuries, I think we can make a run at a wild card spot.