SF Giants Rumors: Wells and Soriano

Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe says one suggestion for replacing outfielder Melky Cabrera is Vernon Wells from the Angels. He’s now a fifth outfielder and he believes the Angels would be willing to eat significant money. Wells is currently hitting .222 with 7 homers and 18 RBI in 50 games for the Angels.
Cafardo also points out that the Cubs front office is somewhat disappointed that outfielder Alfonso Soriano won’t waive his 10-5 rights to go to the San Francisco Giants. Soriano doesn’t want to play in a colder climate and thinks that would affect his hitting. Soriano is currently hitting .263 with 22 homers and 75 RBI in 111 games for the Cubs.

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • terry says:

    let’s bring somebody in who wants to be a giant, not someone who’s only coming for the money and then will bolt before next year; one beltran move is enough!

  • David says:

    I think we need a new GM.

  • burger and fries says:

    beltran could have been had for a reasonable salary. he never did state that he didnt want to be a giant because “its too cold”. he never complained of the city. soriano on the otherhand, is all about his stats and could careless about winning.

  • burger and fries says:

    david- new GM? who did you have in mind to replace sabien? the fans wanted beltran, he got beltran. the fans wanted pence, he got pence. they didnt like the acquistion of scutaro, now they it was a great trade. they didnt like the acquistion of cody ross and pat burrell, we won a world series, he’s a genius. now the fans want to fire him. geez

  • Anthony R says:

    Giants dropped the ball on Beltran not even trying. We could have gotten him for what the Cardinals are paying him! Instead we don’t try after giving up Zach Wheeler; that makes no sense at all!