SF Giants Rumors: Whiteside Signed, Vizquel Would Sign With The Giants

John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle says (via twitter) the San Francisco Giants have signed catcher Eli Whiteside to a major league deal.
Whiteside will make $600K if he’s on the major league roster and $175K if he’s in the minors. It’s unknown where Whiteside will start the season with Buster Posey back, Hector Sanchez knocking on the door and Chris Stewart trying to make the squad.

Ex-Giant shortstop Omar Vizquel says he plans to play in 2012, and tells fans (via twitter) he would sign with the Giants if they offered a one-year deal.

The Giants are not going to sign Vizquel. He just answered a question from a fan, and said he would sign if they offered a 1-year deal. They’re not interested in bringing him back at this point in his career.

What’s your thoughts on Whiteside signing with the Giants and Vizquel’s tweet?

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Kit says:

    I love Omar, just wish he were 5 years younger. I don’t get the Whiteside signing unless there’s a real thought of moving Buster to another position or unless they’re worried he won’t be ready to play this year.

  • fred schoenduby says:

    Sorry to say that I feel Eli Whiteside is washed up…no bat…no arm…etc. a complete waste of money in signing when there are so many up and coming catchers in the system. As far as Omar in returning…He was a sight to behold at short for us but the past is the past…sign him for a coaching job in the minors and we will again benefit from his glove.

  • Lunchbox says:

    I think Vizquel would be a great mentor to Crawford, but I don’t think it would justify paying him $4-$5 mil for a one year contract for a person who would be taking up space on the 25 man roster.

    Eli – you were a good soldier in 2010, but 2011 showed that you can’t cut, in the case *knock on wood* Buster goes down again. The Giants have a surplus of catchers, and I’m looking forward to Tommy Joseph to take the reigns over for Buster in 2014. Doesn’t make sense why they would re-sign Eli. There goes that dedication to againg vets again.

  • realisticgiantrsfan says:

    I have no problem with Eli returning. He knows the staff. As far as Vizquel…what would it hurt?. There’s no way it costs 4 or 5 mm. Try 1 mm.

  • jr says:

    Sorry, negative on both. Eli can’t hit or throw and other teams know it. Crawdaddy at short can already pick it and doesn’t need to get his fielding screwed up by any tutoring that he may receive that worked for possible HOF bound vet Vizquel.

  • lalo marquez says:

    mi hijo de 13 años juega mejor que Eli, no cacha, no puede tirar, no batear para mi es una burla para la fanaticada si el puede jugar en las grandes ligas para mi es una vergueza