SF Giants Rumors: Who’s Making The Roster?

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle says the San Francisco Giants are going to carry 12 pitchers to start the regular season.
That’s very bad news for position players on the bubble like Brandon Belt, Brett Pill and Hector Sanchez.

You can subtract Sanchez from that final roster spot. The Giants will go with either Chris Stewart or Eli Whiteside. If the Giants really want to have that right-handed pop off the bench, they would keep Pill. Then that means Belt would be sent down to Fresno. Only time will tell what roster decisions the Giants decide to make.

If you got to pick the final roster spots. What moves would you make?

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • Anthony says:

    Absolutely give Pill a shot! He’s earned it and we wouldn’t be sorry!

  • fast freddie says:

    Like I have said long ago along with a good many others….Send Whiteside, Huff, Theriot, and Zito packing…to hell with the money, the embarrasments will be gone and the young guns will at least contribute. From the very first day the Giants came to S.F. I was a complete fan. To this day I still play around with all their minor affilates and their records, I am no longer able to hold my head high because of the love affairs with management on Huff, Zito and Whiteside. Huff was a look see at a bright light but now his drinking buddy is gone from the team and he looks like a lost soul…so tired of those soft line drives to second base….lets see Belt, Pill, Stewart, Blanco, and Arias.

    We have some good looking young talent on the rise especially middle infielders lets start using them even if it means hitting the trade market.