SF Giants Rumors: Why Wilson Would Say He Wants To Pitch For The Dodgers

I know you probably don’t want to see another post about Brian Wilson possibly heading to the hated Dodgers if he doesn’t come back to the San Francisco Giants.
Seeing a photoshop picture of Wilson in a Dodgers uniform has really got fans fired up. Some are ready to cut the umbilical cord between the Giants and their homegrown son Wilson.

Let’s take a step back, and see why Wilson would say he would want to pitch for the Dodgers…

He lives in Southern California during the offseason, so if he pitches for the Dodgers he can live there all year round. Which I’m sure most baseball players would really love to do.

His agent knows the Giants wouldn’t want to lose him to their rivals in Los Angeles, so why not throw that rumor out there to get the Giants to budge a little bit and offer a deal that Wilson is willing to accept.

Maybe Wilson knows his arm isn’t the same, and this is his last chance at getting as much money guaranteed rather than a low base salary with incentives.

The deadline to tender Wilson a contract is tomorrow (Friday) at 9 p.m. pacific time. Wilson made $8.5 million in 2012, and the lowest salary that can be offered to Wilson per the collective bargaining agreement is $6.8 million (20% is the maximum pay cut when tendering a contract).

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~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • terry says:

    Hmm – we won with romo doing the job andsurprise, he wants to be a giant! I say, save the wilson $ and sign scut and others who can help more.

  • David says:

    It will be interesting to see what the brain trust thinks is a suitable offer.

  • Paul Moore says:

    Lets see, he took Giant money for about 8 mill and did nothing to earn it. So it was a “Gift”. Now he wants to put his arm futher into their pockets. Is there no shame. Should he not say Giants you were very generous with me next year. I will sign for a low number and if I pitch “X” number innings I will get a bonus for X number of dollars. That would be the honerable thing to do. Seems like players want the clubs to be honorable, but now them in return. HEY BRIAN…WE GAVE YOU OUR LOVE, SURRPORT, AND THE GIANTS GAVE YOU A TON OF MONEY, A WORLD SERIES RING AND PROBABLY A SHARE AND PROBABLY PAID FOR YOUR OPPERATION…WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR. SHAME ON YOU IF YOU JUMP SHIPS NOT BEING LOYAL TO THE FANS AND CLUB WHERE YOU GOT A TON OF LOVE AND DOUGH AND DIDN’T DO ANYTHING.!!!!!!!!

  • Nicky V says:

    Haha Paul, your funny. The giants gave WILSON a World series ring! 48 saves and he blows his are out doing it I’d have to say its obviously the other way around. The Tigers sucked and so did the Reds and we were lucky to win how we did. The 2010 giants were dominant against the Rangers who DIDN’T SUCK! Romo couldn’t have killed the 9th in 2010 like Wilson did. No Wilson, no world series rings, no 2012 championship either. Grow up Wilson deserves a decent contract. Why don’t we just trade Timmy and Barry while were at it, screw the 50 year drought the 2010 team got us through.

    Wilson is better than Romo mark my words next year no one whiffs at the one pitch pitcher and he’s all of a sudden a 1 year wonder, Wilson is and always has been dominant.

  • fast freddie says:

    If I weren’t so dang old I would sign up to be one of the first to offer packing “The Beards” bags for him….The circus has left town and the clown missed the bus..how sad !! I called him the “Gut Wrencher” three years ago and just when the Pepto Bismo started working he may still remain a Giant..lordy lordy..and if I were not so aged I would drive him to L.A., then again do you need a passport to enter So. Calif ????
    Strike three…you are out [second operation on the wing]…maybe that bus will turn around and pick him up {heard Uribe was driving.}

  • Anthony R says:

    Seeing the photo shop pic of Wilson as a DOGder makes me sick!

  • Kit Anderton says:

    why aren’t we talking about Heath Hembree?

  • I am not the fan for falling in love with ANY player. You pay them what they are worth. These guys are multi-millionaires and some times they don’t even have to work for their money. They have guaranteed contracts! What a concept. I don’t like any contracts greater than 5 years and I am not keen about 5 years. Look at the bullet we dodged last year when Lincecum turned down 5 years and $100M. Wilson as others have pointed out should be offered a 1 year contract with incentives as there is a chance he might now ever pitch well again. I love his emotions and I love his crazy scary eyes, but the bread has gotten to be something out of a freak show. So come back for a year or good luck in LA!!! They appear ready to over-pay for players and that is their option!

  • fast freddie says:

    I had better clear myself a bit here…I am a die in the wool Giant fan, who is long in tooth {in age terms}. I love my team…I judge my players by their playing ball, but of late I am down on the likes of Wilson and The Panda {just to name a couple}…I can do without the Pies in the face, the painted finger nails,Head piano playing,Fat overpaid arses, Scragly beards. etc. To me it has taken away from the good old baseball times.
    MONEY has become the ruling factor and seems to be here to stay. The likes of Wilson and such belong on a kids playground
    playing the Captain Kangaroo and Howdy Dowdy parts.

  • Wayne says:

    Give the $6.8 millions to Scutaro and move on…..