SF Giants Rumors – Zito Plans To Be Part Of The Rotation

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News says Barry Zito had a closed-door meeting with manager Bruce Bochy. No, they weren’t talking about the night life in Arizona. They were discussing the article by Bruce Jenkins saying Zito’s spot in the rotation isn’t safe.
“Bochy called me in, first thing,” Zito said. “He just said, This is the first we’ve heard of this.”
Zito plans to be part of the Giants rotation, and doesn’t want to be traded or released.
This Zito topic has seemed to peak a lot of fans interest. Some fans via @SFGiants_Rumors twitter and SF Giants Rumors Facebook have mixed reactions as to release or keep him. The majority however seem to be willing to tell Zito to kick rocks.

Let’s take a step back and look at it like this. If we had no clue as to what these players made a year. We would all agree that Zito as a number 5 starter isn’t a bad choice.

Now back to reality… We all know that Zito’s contract is worth $126 million. Which means he’s not living up to his contract, and that’s why fans are ready to clean out his locker at AT&T Park.

~King of Cali

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  • The Wine Guy says:

    If Barry Zito is one of the five best in camp he should be in the rotation…money should not be a factor…he has taken the high road through all of this and that should count for something…at least another bag of sunflower seeds…

  • Kayaker Dave says:

    I say if he earns a spot like Wine Guy says, keep him, otherwise make him help the team any way he can. Make him our water bottles for the rest of the pitchers. Heck, he he quits on his own, the Giants save money. Bottom-line, he needs to earn his keep. To a great extent Zito looks like what they call in economic terms a “sunk cost”. If he is not cutting it and there are no significant reason for improvement, the Giants should walk away as with any non-producing sunk cost. The Giants are way closer to that point now than they have ever been as when a contract gets closer to the end of its term as evidenced by him not playing in the World Series. Earn it Mr. Z!

  • Mr. B says:

    The story this morning is Bochy and Sabaen want to make Zito a 4th starter and they are saying that they don’t where this buyout article came from.I think Zito has been a major bust from day 1 and he had only one win since July last year.I really think there is truth to this article and that the Giants will eventually buy him out.I am not sure it will be at the start of the season but they will in the near future.