Special Offer For SF Giants Rumors Readers!

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  • 4 March, 2011
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SF Giants Rumors is always ready to help someone get the word out about their product if we really like what they have to offer. Since we are all DIE HARD GIANTS FANS, and we hate the Dodgers. This is the perfect shirt to get and sport wherever you go.  

Dan Runzler of the San Francisco Giants told me at Media Day that he lives in Southern California, and since the Giants won the World Series. He now see’s a lot of Giants shirts/hat down south. This is definitely a must wear shirt if you’re planning a trip down south or hanging out with any Dodger fans.  

The folks at WeBeGreater.com know that loyal SF Giants Rumors readers love their Giants, and have given us a SPECIAL CODE to use that is valid for the month of March.

Coupon Code – Rumors2011

Once you use this code to get your SF > LA shirt. You will be saving $5 and get a $20 shirt for $15. It’s basic math. I just subtracted $5 (coupon code) from $20 (price of shirt). Now that sounds like a deal to me!

~King of Cali

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