Andrew Susac Looks Very Similar To Buster Posey. And It’s Awesome.

Andrew Susac, Posey's Little Mini-Me

We have all had that experience where someone we know starts to emulate us. And not just emulate, but copy every. single. little. thing. At first it’s cute and then even humorous. After a while, it was nothing but obnoxious. For me, it was my youngest sister. Maybe for you, a younger brother or a cousin. Or that neighbor kid who tried to keep up as you pedaled away with your friends.

Maybe you were the one trying to keep up. In either case, you know what I’m talking about.

Andrew Susac is the kid brother/cousin/neighbor to Buster Posey, and instead of obnoxious, it is absolutely wonderful. I’m not the first one to observe this – it’s been noted that Susac tails Posey around the bullpen and in the dugout and that they share a similar confidence – but I didn’t realize how similar the two look at the plate until yesterday.

Yesterday, Susac picked up his first career hit – and RBI-single with the bases loaded and one out in the third.

Go back. Watch this approach and swing. Especially the slow motion breakdown that starts about 25 seconds in.

And then watch this one. Or just search “Posey” on MLB Videos and watch any of the at bats.




Follow ThroughSusac_Posey_FollowThrough

They’re swinging at different pitches – Susac at the knees on the inner half, Posey at the belt over the middle – so they’re not identical. But that approach and swing and follow through.

Susac has long been recognized for his power and contact ability. He owns a .268/.379/.451 triple slash line with 10 home runs and 34 walks in 63 games at Triple A. He might not be an exact replica of Posey, but he possesses similar offensive tools. (And physical stats – they’re both 6’1”, 215 lb.). That he is looking to replicate Posey’s success at the plate by mimicking his approach is nothing but a good thing.

It’s so incredibly similar. And it’s so incredibly awesome.

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– Robert Barsanti, @rgbarsanti

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  • Alyssa says:

    Such a similar batting approach! The other day I thought it was Posey batting but it was indeed Susac.