The San Francisco Giants Should Sign Brian Wilson

BrianWilsonTacoBell3Brian Wilson is set to start doing the rounds for interested major league teams. The San Francisco Giants have recently seen a rash of injuries in the bullpen and have not seen the dominance we have grown to love and admire by the entire staff. Part of that staple used to be Wilson aka ‘The Beard.’

The Giants have missed his presence just as much as his arm during this tough season.  They have had no reliable set up man with Sergio Romo taking over as the closer. Jeremy Affeldt has been inept in close situations allowing over half of inherited runners to score and going 0-4 in save opportunities.

Jose Mijares has been better and Santiago Casilla has so far been lights out but the Giants can still use a dominant arm, or at least one that does not give the Giants fans jitters.

The Giants are not going to overspend for help since they’re on the edge of buying or selling. With the Dodgers current pace of play it will take over 90 wins to win the division. Just to get to 90 wins the Giants will need to go 46-15. Signing someone like Wilson makes sense financially and for the publicity.

He will come much cheaper than last season in which he was paid $8.5 million and he has something to prove. More importantly, the Dodgers, Diamondbacks and Rockies can all use some bullpen help and remain atop the Giants in the standings.

If for no other reason, sign Wilson to keep him off another NL West team.

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~Chris Brown


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  • GG says:

    How do we know he can still throw well? The fact that no one even bothered with him until now should tell you something.

    I would stay far far away from Brian Wilson until he retires. We’re basing wanting him on the team for past performances rather than what he can do today, which is not something we can predict.

    Stay away Giants! We love him, but it’s possible that he can’t throw anymore.

  • Steven says:


    Thanks for the comment! We’ve heard that he’s almost game ready, and he’s hitting 93-94 MPH on his fastball. His cutter also has movement. I would think that Wilson would want to sign a contract for the remainder of this season, and then be a free agent after the season to get a bigger/better deal after teams see how he performs.

  • Chris B says:


    Wilson himself has chosen not to pursue a path back to pitching until now. That is why over the past two weeks he is all of a sudden on the radar again. I am sure he did this for one main reason. He knows that the trading deadline is approaching and a great closer who had a significant injury will get the most money right now vs earlier in the season.

    Wilson went through this same surgery before (2003) while he was in college. In fact, Tommy John surgery usually has no effect on a pitcher’s ability to throw and if anything helps it. The sole factor seems to be the ability of the pitcher to remain in shape and regain control after such a long layoff since the typical recovery time is a year.

    Also remember…. Those who receive this surgery have a 90% success rate of a full recovery and often throw harder.

  • GG says:

    If typical recovery is a year, then he’s behind schedule. Also, this is his second surgery and the list of guys who’ve had it twice and have come back successfully is low.

    I heard his fastball was 90-93, which means he has to be much more precise with his pitches. And when he hurt his arm was when he had to go cutter and slider heavy because his fastball lost some MPH.

    Stay away. Far away from this man. Let him close for someone else. Romo is better in the role than every Brian Wilson season except one.