Why Madison Bumgarner is Important for the Giants’ 2018 Season

By Robert Williams

Madison Bumgarner
“SF Giants Madison Bumgarner” (CC BY 2.0) by SD Dirk

For those of us who do not know who Madison Bumgarner is, then, it is time to know who he is exactly in the world of baseball. Bumgarner was commonly known by the nickname; “MadBum”, is the most important pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. He has won three World Series Championships in 2010, 2012, and 2014 consecutively. It is to be noted that he has the second most strike-outs record by a Giants pitcher and he is left-handed.

As for his importance for the Giants in the 2018 MLB season; if his prowess in the game is not enough, then we need to know that this is one player the Giants cannot afford to lose for several reasons.

  • History has a way of taunting us, and we have not had enough time to forget since last year, what his team looked like and acted once he got hurt. They seemed to have given up on the game.
  • He helps in pushing other pitchers in the team along; making them give a better performance. It is basic chemistry, but somehow it seems to work for the Giants.
  • With Bumgarner on the team, he needs to make at least thirty or more runs, but can we imagine what would happen if he was not around.
  • If the Giants are to achieve any place in the 2018 season, they need a player of Bumgarner ’s caliber otherwise they might end up with a sluggish performance as seen in 2017. And since they have been most active in the offseason they might want to keep that up.
  • The pitching staff behind Bumgarner do not inspire great confidence, and it would be a nightmare if those pitchers are just average pitchers and the Giants do not have MadBum to keep their back.
  • He could have everything to gain if he was on the open market, for his worth may reach as far as 200 million dollars, but the Giants would lose their greatest asset.
  • By the end of 2019 he would be going on to the thirties, and while these last years may be his last as a famous baseball player, they still might be his best. So, it would be wise of the Giants to keep their player.
  • His wages in the Giants’ team are much less than he would get anywhere, for it seems that he favors this team, so it is a win-win for the Giants.

If all these reasons we have tried to point out are not enough to validate Bumgarner’s importance for the Giants in the upcoming MLB season, then at least we have seen that the Giants are definitely not going to be in a great place without him. And while there are no rumors that he will be leaving the Giants, there are also no rumors that they are trying to keep him for the rest of his playing life. The Giants fans can click here to get cheap MLB tickets without service fees and support the team to achieve great success in the next season. We just hope that in the near future we hear the news that will make sure that the Giants are in a safe place for the 2018 season at least.

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