Why Signing Tim Hudson Is A Great Signing

TimHudsonThis article may be a little late, but it’s still relevant (at least in this writer’s opinion) because signing Tim Hudson was an absolutely, positively GREAT signing.

Why was it so absolutely positively great? Because it means the San Francisco Giants have accepted their current position as a #2 or #3 (depending on what you think of the Arizona Diamondbacks – personally, I don’t think much) finisher in the National League West.

Whoa! A Giants fan and writer who is accepting #2 before Spring Training even starts? Listen, I would love to be wrong, and maybe the even-year thing will prove to be true.  If that’s the case, fantastic. If not, there’s always next year. And that year…that is the year we should be excited about.

Hudson buys the Giants two things: time and experience.

Time is important because your 2014 Giants are in-between new talent. This team has looked almost exactly the same for 2 years now (2012, 2013), going on 3 (2014). But when you looked ahead, you see a whole new generation of Giants, specifically pitchers, coming through those doors and onto the field by the bay. They just need to find a way to stay steady, try and win a few more games than last year, and then, in 2015 and 2016, start to make some real changes. Hudson (and even Tim Lincecum and now Ryan Vogelsong) do just that. They’re gap-fillers. Plugging the holes until this new wave of pitchers comes through. Buying time for one to two more years.

In addition to buying time until the new guys show up, Hudson provides a TON of veteran experience. 15 seasons, over 2800 innings, NL and AL, 3-time All Star, 3.44 career ERA, the list goes on and on. Who better to welcome the next wave of Giants pitchers than a guy like Hudson? An experienced vet who is a known “clubhouse guy” to help teach and break the rookies into the majors. It’s a win-win.

So let the haters hate and the naysayers naysay. Everyone who wanted Masahiro Tanaka (he may not even play MLB now) or another high-priced, flashy starter (although personally I’d love to see Ubaldo Jiminez in a Giants uniform), don’t you worry. Sit tight for one more, maybe two years, and then you’ll have a starting staff filled with young flashy arms at mere fractions of the cost.

And you know what? After we’ve accepted #2 or #3 for another year or two, we’ll have that staff of cheap arms and the Giants can go out and spend whatever they want on that power-hitting left fielder we’ve been craving since Barry Bonds waved goodbye.

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~Robert Barsanti


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  • fast freddie says:

    Fully agree with Robert 100% plus it will not be next year but it will be in 2015 and beyond…maybe the brass will then get a power hitter in left…we never will with Sabean saying he can’t get anyone…he is wishy,washy as I have said over and over …he is afraid of losing that job and will lose the fans quickly as long as his act is around

  • Anthony says:

    Really? I’m sorry but I don’t see this the same way as fill the gap until unproven rookies hit the field.

    Look at what happened with Belt? He is totally coming into his own.
    Pagan and Scutero were hurt almost all year.

    Posey is still Posey and Pence is locked up with no question marks about his future.

    Pablo with a healthy lineup and more patience will be deadly.

    Re: Timmy. He’s lost his velocity but his movement is out of this world. Remember he pitched a no hitter. He’d be great except for 1 bad inning in most of his outings. If he can keep his concentration….Look out!

    Cain had an off year. With this pitching staff solidified now and a healthy lineup I don’t think we are a #2 or #3.

    I think these Giants are gonna blow the socks off a lot of people. They are the World Series champs in 2 of the last 4 years and they’re gonna remind everyone of that fact when they’re kickin butt and takin names: even at the vaunted; overrated Dodgers and their prison pen stadium!

  • Paul Moore says:

    One name we seem to overlook. Look back and see who Timmy gives credit for his improvement, studing players prior to the game, and really maturing as a pitcher. Clue, who has he been sitting with during the games and talking baseball, etc, no longer goofing. It was (sp) Grodin…the excellant relief pitcher and starter who has not been resigned….WHY!!!!! He seems to have been a real asset!!