Why The Giants Should Have Signed Corey Hart Over Michael Morse


Image used under Creative Commons from Steve Paluch

Image used under Creative Commons from Steve Paluch

I wrote an article a couple months ago and mentioned that the San Francisco Giants signing Corey Hart would have been a bright move given he is coming off an injury and he has tremendous potential. Impact of this means the Giants get a good player for less money. The injury while major was not career threatening and every indication is that Hart will make a full recovery. He is currently 31 years old and the Seattle Mariners inked him to a one year contract for $6 million. The Giants recently signed Michael Morse to a one year contract for $6 million.

While both are capable of hitting 30 or more home runs, something the Giants can definitely use since their left fielders only hit 5 last season, and only one has shown he can play every day. If the Giants have any desire to improve on that home run total they should have signed someone who can play more than 80 games a season. That means Hart, not Morse.

Hart has been much more successful because he has managed to play, in nine years each Hart has played in 945 games and Morse has played in 573. Hart has twice as many career home runs and RBI’s in the same number of years playing (it should be noted that in Hart’s first year he played in only one game). Both are capable of giving Brandon Belt a rest at first base which is an upside and gives leeway in trading Brett Pill to an organization that can give him the break he deserves.

I guess for my money, I would have taken the chance on Hart over Morse especially even money.


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~Chris Brown

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Photo credit: Steve Paluch

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  • Mr. B says:

    I agree with you and the numbers and stats are proof we should of signed Hart. We may next year given both Hart and Morse are both on 1 year deals.

  • Paul Moore says:

    They much have had their reasons since cash was not the issue.