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Giants Past & PresentDan Fost the author of Giants Past & Present has picked a winner from the comments that were submitted on the “Q&A With Dan Fost – Author Of Giants Past & Present, Wing A Copy!” post. Dan liked all the comments and was torn between a few different comments. He did however decide to go with Dan Pera. He said let’s give Robb Nen his due. A lot of fans have been down on him after 2002 World Series, but I think Pera hits the nail on the head, and I like that he appreciates the sacrifice Nen made for the team. Dan Pera’s winning comment will be at the bottom of this post.
Just because you didn’t win the Giants Past & Present book. Doesn’t mean you can’t still purchase it. I’m telling you it’s a must have for Giants fans. You can purchase the book at Giants Past & Present. I’m sure you know some Giants fans who’s birthday is coming up or you want to get them the book for Fathers Day.
Winning Comment
Dan Pera,
Despite the fact I love Will Clark and Barry Bonds, I have to say that the guy I’ll always love and respect the most is Robb Nen.
He wasn’t a longtime Giant, but the years he was with us, he gave us a dominant presence at the end of the bullpen. His insane slider was like 92 mph. Just absolute pure filth. Plus, his theme song, “Smoke on the Water” is just too epic for words.
I’ll never forget how he pitched himself into an early career grave by giving up his shoulder in 2002. He gave everything he had, and never pitched again as a result. Love Robb Nen.
~King of Cali

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