Winter Meeting Signings: Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro

The Winter Meetings has come and gone… Your San Francisco Giants went in with a simple game plan, and that was to sign outfielder Angel Pagan, and infielder Marco Scutaro.
However, the game plan wasn’t that easy to execute. Both of these players were attracting a lot of attention in the free agent market. In the end, they both decided to return to the Giants.

Pagan was the first to agree to terms with the Giants, and it’s a four-year deal, worth $40 million. Pagan will receive a $5 million signing bonus, $7 million in 2013, $9 million in 2014, $9 million in 2015, and $10 million in 2016.

Some fans have voiced their concerns about Pagan blocking the path for Giants prospect Gary Brown. I don’t see this as a problem. When Brown is ready to take over the center field job at AT&T Park. The Giants can then move Pagan to left or right field depending on which position is open at the time. Hunter Pence is coming back in 2013, but he’s a free agent in 2014. There is no guarantee that he will return beyond 2013.

Scutaro agreed to a three-year deal, worth $20 million. Scutaro will receive a $2 million signing bonus, $6 million in 2013, $6 million in 2014 and $6 million in 2015. I had suggested a two-year, $12 million deal, but it looks like Scutaro wanted that third year in order to lock him in a Giants uniform.

Scutaro will be 40 years old when this contract is completed. I don’t see any signs of him slowing down. He has been clutch ever since putting on a Giants uniform, and a big thing to being clutch is he just always puts the ball in play. Doesn’t try to do to much besides make contact. Which easily made him the best free agent number two hitter and second baseman available.

I put my stamp of approval on these two signings. Pagans contract isn’t anything outrageous, and Scutaro can lock down second for a few more years. The Giants don’t have anyone knocking on the door to push Scutaro away from second base at this time.

What’s your thoughts on the two signings? Leave a comment below, and go to SF Giants Rumors Facebook page to share your thoughts as well.

~King of Cali (Steven)

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  • David says:

    Keppinger got a nice contract with the White Sox.

  • Anthony R says:

    I like it! We needed them both and hopefully they can repeat the magic at the top of the order again!

  • fast freddie says:

    Most all pieces are in the puzzle, just one remains…left field…we need a bat out there, Blanco will not do it…he is all field and wheels…great number four man in the out field. I tend to lean to Ichiro or Hairston. Swisher would fit nice but $$$$$

  • Paul Moore says:

    The Giants have to do a better job of drafting postion players in the draft. True if they have a good pitcher via the draft, they may be able to trade for an experienced outfielder but you never see a top noticed outfielder traded. So the goal for SF needs to be a power hitting outfilder in the next draft.